Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jake Update

Here's what my Pop had to say about their pup:

Well, Jake did not pass his blood test this AM and the DVMs advised that we should postpone surgery. His white blood cell count indicated an infection. We will have him on antibiotics for two weeks and then give it another try. They partially shaved his leg to formulate a plan of attack on removing the tumor and grafting the skin. Consequently he looks really weird with the “skinny” shaved leg and the golf ball sized tumor next to the big fuzzy leg. Jake is still pretty stressed from his visit and won’t let us leave the room without a mournful wail.

It is nice to have him home and doing well, but we will all go through the same thing in two weeks. We all are exhausted from the short night and stress of the morning. Time for a nap!

My folks wanted to thank all of you for your support, thoughts and prayers. It means a lot to them.


  1. While it's not exactly good news, at least it's news of Jake and we've all been waiting for an update, so thank you.
    Please tell us more about him, how old he is, what kind he is.
    Poor little honey bunch, but more to the point, your poor parents!

  2. Jake is a 14 year old cocker spanial. He's deaf and mostly blind, but he's still such a happy boy. All things considered, he's really quite youthful.

  3. OMG, I love Jake! Haven't seen him in a few years, but he truly is a wonderful dog. He's definitely going into my prayer queue.

  4. Praying for dear little Jake...poor guy.

  5. Poor Jake, I hope the infection passes soon and that the operation will go smoothly.

    All the best to him and your parents!

  6. My cats and I will be rooting for Jake and your parents until this ordeal is over. Get well soon, Jake!!

  7. feel better Jake!

    purrs from my 2 fur-kids

  8. We've got all our toes crossed for Jake. We hope he does well on the antibiotic.

    jan's funny farm

  9. I hope he is doing well. He seems like such a sweet dog.



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