Friday, December 28, 2007

The Lottie Report

stella stoli 003

stella stoli 002

It sounds like little Miss Lottie ( who's now known as Stella) is doing really well in her new home and is getting along great with her new brother. I just got an email, along with these pictures, from her new mama. I can't believe how long she looks in the pictures. She's growing like a weed!

Here's what Mama Marni had to say :

Ok- I think you sold me a bonzi-flying-monkey!! I'd love to send more photos, but she hardly stands still!!
She is doing great- there was a little hissing on Friday night and Saturday morning by Saturday afternoon, Stoli was following her around the house and chatting with her, I think more to make sure she didnt break anything!!!
Shes exactly what I was looking for. OK, except she is a bit gassy for a cute little girl, and it is a surprise to wake up while shes putting her little nose up mine, and then chews on my eyebrows but she is darling!!


  1. I was just thinking of Lottie/Stella after seeing Drewey's photos. Don't they look a tiny bit alike?

  2. Ooooh, her new brother is teaching her all new (adorable) bad habits! I love keeping up with the Itty Bitties in their new homes. And woah, she's grown alright!

  3. Mmmm. Toilet water is a delicacy.

  4. isabel.. they sure do ! we didn't know drewey as a kitten, but i'm pretty sure she looked exactly like lottie.

  5. This just gets better and better! I love seeing that girl being such a part of the new home front.

  6. So great to see Miss Lottie/Stella. I love seeing how well they have adjusted and how much they are loved. Send more pictures!!!

    PS What are we going to do while Laurie is in Australia? I'm going to have some serious withdrawl!!!

  7. Careful with the human litter box thing.

  8. Horray! Happy times for Lottie, and cheers to a Happy New Year for all of the IBKC kitties! Way to go!!!

  9. My cute little girl was gassy when she was small - it comes with changes in food brands. Also I have to avoid food with too much liver in it.

    Oh, and Stella is a terrific name.

  10. As long as Stella does not butt scooch on your head/face while tring to steal pillow real estate (like mine does almost every single night), I'm fine with all kitty bad habits... :) Happy New Year everyone.



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