Thursday, October 25, 2007

Vampire Wannabe

Check out the fang.


  1. If I let Maddie bite me do I turn into a kitten like her?

  2. I love the polka dot belly!!! I just wanna burry my face in it and give it kisses :)

  3. Just had to say as an enthusiastic photographer myself with a couple of gorgeous Burmese cats (although it's hard not to refer to them as kittens forever due to their amazing personalities), that quite apart from your obvious love of the kitties, you have some absolutely sensational photographic skills. Not just technical either, I just can't understand how you're able to capture so much personality and emotion from what seem like they should be nothing more than cute blurs 99% of the time _0.... Anyway, congrats - I'm now a daily viewer for the awesome pics...

  4. Gotta agree again with what Neil said! You capture kittenhood in general as well as the individual kitten's personality so well, with so much understanding.

  5. Pestilence,,, Nope,, she's just a wannabe, you're safe.

    Krissy.. she's got the BEST belly!

    Neil and Anon..
    Thank you so, so much.



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