Friday, October 26, 2007

Nobody is Perfect

Cornelius is so sweet and polite. It takes but a second to fall in love with this darling little boy. He'll gladly spend an hour or two sleeping on your belly, keeping you warm. He'll start purring the moment you touch him. Then he'll give you a glance that says "thank you, how kind of you to pet me".

He's pretty much perfection... except for one thing... let me explain.

The other day Kim came over to hang with the kitties. While we were sitting there, Cornelius hopped into his litter box to take care of business. He sat there for a moment and then he let out the tiniest little toot. Yes, Cornelius farted ! I have spent a fair amount of time around kittens and cats but I have NEVER heard any cat cut one. The funniest part of it was that he looked embarrassed after he did it. Oh how we laughed.


  1. kittie-poots are hardly rare. every kitten i've ever had has done it - it can be a bug they picked up at a shelter or on the street if you rescued him, or it can be that they're not used to the food they're eating - it usually stops as they get older.

    the kitten we have now lets out the most horrendous, silent-but-deadly gasbombs. it's a good thing he's so cute!

  2. This has nothing to do with kittie-poots, although that story is very funny. I only just came across your site a week or so ago, and I have to say that I am impressed with a) your dedication to the kitties and the cause of helping homeless animals b) your home (it's lovely) and c) your photography skills. Are you a professional? You manage to catch the kitties in the best poses, in the perfect light, and make them even more angelic than they already are. What kind of camera do you use? What is your secret? Thanks, and thanks for this wonderful site.

  3. My kitty farts every now and then, it's terrible. And a cat I used to have was once lying on the rug in front of me when he suddenly looked right at me, opened his mouth, and burped!

  4. The late and fabulous Doris, who belonged to my daughter had a terrible pooting problem!
    On another note relative to Cornelius, my daughter describes kitties like him as, "coming equipped with an easily activated touch-and-purr feature". Sometimes if I wake up during the night I'll just reach over and activate that feature in order to feel comforted. It's priceless.

  5. My favorite sound in the whole world - a cat purring. Instant stress relief and peaceful feelings.

    Like Anne Boleyn my husband and I both occasionally reach out and activate the touch-n-purr feature on our cats at night.

  6. this post made me lol! and I die from the amount of cuteness in this blog. makes me want to run out and collect all the itty bitty little kitties I can find, regardless of what my 3 grownup cats will say about it.
    thumbs up for this site :)))

  7. Please kiss his sweet head for me and tell him not to be embarassed, we all do it sometimes. :)

  8. Carrie,,, i am well aware of the silent but deadly kind, but never heard a cat actually toot.
    you cut kitties lots of slack for things because the are so cute.

    Marishka,, thank you so much ! i am no pro. no real secrets. i just have discovered the corners of my house that offer the best lighting for the kitties. i always shoot in natural light, and never use a flash.
    i almost always have my camera on and within reach.
    i use a nikon d-40, which is nice and fast. at first i had a "point and shoot" but i felt like i missed too many shots waiting for the camera to decide what to focus on.

    Shea - a burp ! ha !

    Anne B - love the touch and purr feature comment. i'll have to remember that.

    Catma - kitties and cats are the best stress relievers

    Whales- thanks for the link,, will kiss the kitties,, no problem !

    Christa - glad you got a chuckle. thank you !

    Maymee - consider him kissed !

  9. Hubby and I talked with Her Supreme Highness Miss Kitty and she said we could pass on this story so that Cornelius would feel better about his pooty faux pas. You may not want to let Cornelius read all of this cos' he might get ideas...

    Our eldest, Her Supreme Highness Miss Kitty, is known for her pootiness. When she is picked up for loving and transport, she poots. Sometimes she poots really loud (like a furry bagpipe.) Sometimes she poots the silently but oh-so-deadly kind. Like a real trooper, Her Supreme Highness has learned how to use her pootiness to her advantage.

    (Human Warning - This is the part you may not want dear Cornelius to read.) Miss Kitty has been and always will be Daddy's girl. From the moment they met at the animal control shelter she's been all about her Daddy. Momma (Catmama) is a different story cos' girlfriend, Catmama is just the competition. For example, if Catmama sits on the couch with Daddy, Miss Kitty climbs on the back of the couch right next to Catmama's head, points her tail end at Catmama and poots. Chemical warfare at it's best. Catmama eventually cat-pitulates and Miss Kitty gets Daddy all to her lonesome.

    So my dear little Cornelius, be proud of your poots and poot on! Power to the pooters baby!

  10. catmama.. your story made me laugh,,, but it made me frightened as well. i've always thought that cats are great at communication,,, but i prefer it come from the other end.

  11. I've never heard any of my cats poot. Smelt them though and hooo-weee do they pong! They would walk up to me when I was laying down on the floor and cut one in my face as they walked past. But now that they've grown up, they don't do it anymore. Thankfully!



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