Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sleeping Beauties

Sue stopped by the other night ( with a delicious pie, I might add). We sat for a while in the living room and watched the kitties sleep. They were all piled up, using each other's bellies as pillows. We decided that you can easily spend just as much time watching kitties sleep, as you do watching them play. It really is equally fascinating. You can convince yourself that you will get back to work as soon as the kittens are napping, but you know you will end up watching them doze for at least a few minutes.

Here is a collection of sleeping beauties from all of our foster batches.
g'night pierre
nappin' kitties
kitty cluster
reva takes a nap
mitzy and rex


  1. They are so very precious. It makes me feel teary.

  2. We love love love your website! We found it from cuteoverload and we now visit every day. It's perfect so please don't change it. It's wonderfully loving and non-commercial. Just our opinion, but we like it even better than cuteoverload. Just BEAUTIFUL kitties and amazing photos. You definitely have a gift.

    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures (and kitties) with us.

  3. I love reading all the great comments from your fans. All of us look forward to your blog. Just imagine how much joy you bring to our lives!!. Ofcourse we always knew you were exceptionally talented and caring and now everyone does!! Love, Aunt Sue

  4. Anne,,, They often move me to tears as well.

    Catmama etc,, Thank you so very very much. I am thankful for all of you that came to visit via cuteoverload.

    Aunt Sue,, You are making me blush. I am so glad you enjoy the kitties. I hope you can come and visit soon. You would have so much fun with the IBKC.

  5. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your website and came upon it via Cute Overload. It's a very good thing I live so very far away because I'm afraid I'd be tempted to adopt ALL your little kittens... and my solo Siamese would NOT be happy, let me tell you!

    Just wanted to join the multitudes here and send you a great big thank-you, too. Your beautiful photos make MY day and I'm pleased to tell you that they're making all my friends pretty happy as well. Keep on clicking...

  6. Sigh.... you make wonderful pictures...

  7. I know this post is old... but this whole site makes my soul happy, almost as happy as my own kitty. :) thank you!!



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