Friday, October 12, 2007

New Rules

shhh don't wake the babies !

Last night Craig and I were lounging upstairs, watching TV. He had Cornelius napping on his chest, so he asked me if I would go downstairs and make some popcorn. It dawned on me that we have a new, unwritten rule our the house. If you have a napping kitty on you, you can ask whomever to bring you what ever you need or do what ever needs doing. The napping kitty rule trumps the "you're closer" rule. You know,, you're closer to the phone... you answer it. You're closer to the alarm clock, you turn it off. But what if you're alone with napping kitties on your lap and the phone rings? Naturally, you let it go to voicemail !


  1. I was trotting along minding my own beezwax - (looking at CO, I admit it) - and I fell in HERE. First - you guys are the DEFINITION of "mitzvah" caring for those babies; second, it looks like a menu! "Uhhh..yes, I'd like one from column A, and, three, from column four..." Bless your hearts, and I hope each of thoe sweetums finds a home where they're revered and pampered all their furry little lives.

  2. haha we have the same rule in our house... Can you get me a drink I got daisy on me. :D

  3. We call it COL, or cat on lap! It trumps anything in our household...even work at times!

    And a shout out to you for your fostering feats! We are avid fans of the Tacoma Humane Society, visiting and cooing over the kitties often.

  4. So true. That rule is the first and foremost rule in our household too. We only draw the line at "Can you go to the bathroom for me, I have a kitty on me".

  5. In my house this is the called "cat clause". Pun intended

  6. We call that "cat rule" in our house!



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