Friday, October 12, 2007

Only Wonderfully Loving People Need Apply


This dashing young man is Chip. This Sunday ( Oct 14th) from noon to four, he will be making appearance with his litter mates Morty, Stewart and Violet at the Tacoma Petsmart for a Humane Society adoption event. In addition to this lovely litter, there will be other kitties and cats to adopt. According to Sue, Chip's foster mama, you must be wonderfully loving to adopt her precious ones ( and all other kitties and cats too, I might add). To find out more about Sue's babies click here or here.


  1. Chip is soooooo cute !

  2. Hello...someone on LiveJournal's Baaaby Animals community posted a link to your site. I just want to say, your photos are just beautiful--as well as the kitties!

  3. Did Morty get to go home with one of his brothers?

  4. Yes, Morty went with a brother, and a sister too !
    A very lovely gentleman adopted Morty , Stew and Violet too! Chip went with a family who adopted a kitten from a different litter, so he too will have a playmate.

  5. Thank you for letting me know Susan! And thanks for the kind words.

  6. Thank you for letting me know laurie, I'm glad they've all gone together, they'll be happy together. :)


  7. Oh my GOD he looks exactly like my kitten, Solberg. Except Sol has disproportionately large ears. But I've never seen one marked like him before! How cute!



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