Thursday, October 11, 2007

Six Pack

Kim's got a new batch of babies at her house! She went to the humane society to pick up a couple of kitties. The "couple" turned out to be six. Hmm, I guess they miscounted.

Can you believe these babies ???? Can they be any cuter? It's killing me, I swear.


  1. SQUEE!!!

    BTW, you've been linked to from, so except mass migration of squeeing kitty lovers. :-)

  2. OMG!! What cute kitties! Just popped in from You're famous :D That looks like a nasty cut by the way :/ Done by an itty bitty kitty no doubt huh? hehe. I hope you keep us updated on them :D

  3. Yaye! Kitty niblets! That top kitty looks like it's name is "Dot". I'd like to adopt a kitten but I'm really allergic to cats :(

  4. found you from
    thank you for all the wonderful work you do to save the lives of these amazing kitties!

  5. I also surfed from CO. IBK #2 is squee-worthy!

  6. omg! death by cute!

  7. Greetings from Atlanta! I too, found you through Cute Overload. Beautiful blog, y'all. Not only are you doing a great service to the kitties, but your photos are absolutely gorgeous. You should publish a book, perhaps to benefit your local shelter. I would buy one! I'll be visiting here for more...

  8. i'm from atlanta/cuteoverload too! i'm also a foster mom, for three right now. i keep saying i am going to put together a blog but i never do it. plus my pictures are not nearly as precious as yours. and i don't have such little ones - i mostly work with special needs kitties - ferals, sick ones, etc... but i love your blog!

  9. The first baby girl looks like a Calico Chewbacca...but much more sweet!

    Meowy Hugs, Robin

  10. I agree with Trixie, your photos are good enough to publish. I literally sat here and read your entire blog, it's quite appealing. Of course, I'm one of those CO cat freaks too...

    I've often thought I'd like to foster kittens if I ever have the space to do so. It's great to see the work you're doing. Not only are the pictures beautiful, but your commentary is amusing and clever, and it's obvious how much you care for the little ones.

  11. Just when I think the kitten batches couldn't get any cuter, I get gobsmacked all over again. These have got to be THE cutest ever ever ever. Kiss kiss kiss. Hug hug hug. Nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle. Yummy scrumptious kitties.



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