Friday, August 4, 2017

The Sweetest Thing I've Seen

Oh, my.  It's been a hot week 'round here! We're all hiding in the coolest spots of the house, but they're not so cool anymore. These old houses weren't designed for extreme temperatures so during the hot streaks it gets pretty uncomfortable. Also, we're getting lots of smoke from the wildfires that are happening up in BC, so on the really hazy days, we can't blow the cool night air in. The humans and cats are getting a little grumpy and are looking forward to cooler, clearer days.

 All the cats and kittens did their afternoon lounging and napping in the guest room yesterday, which is the coolest spot in the house,  and dear little Joseph Pawtucket Alexander was the lucky recipient of a Bean AND Wylla bath.  Check out TEAM GROOM! In all these years of fostering, this might just be the sweetest thing I've seen. My sweet girls make me so proud.  

I've got some more stuff to share today, and I'll be back shortly! Stay tuned!  OH, and in case you missed it yesterday, check out this lovely quilt we're auctioning off!   STAY COOL!


  1. Simply the sweetest! (And I love the Alexander who is so passed out they're completely oblivious of the Team Groom happening inches away...)

  2. Oh so sweet. Wylla looks enamored of sweet Joseph. Watch out! Those tuxedo boys may steal your heart.

  3. Tuxies are tasty.

  4. That's quite the bath going on there. I wonder what happened to make him so dirty he needed both Bean and Wylla to clean him up. ;)

  5. Nothing better than today's special, the Wylla-Bean Bath! Soothes the savage kitten and melts hearts 'round the world!

  6. This morning I had a huge scare when my very indoor scaredy-cat got out and I couldn't find her for about 2 hours. After finding her, safe and just a little dirtier due to her hiding spot in the backyard, this video helped sooth my soul. Thank you, Laurie!

    1. How terrifying! So glad you found her and she was safe! xoox

  7. TEAM GROOM is missing out on you! You should join in the cuddle puddle as well.



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