Friday, August 4, 2017

Are These Two for You?


Three of our Alexanders have found their families, but we're still looking for a home for Henry and Joseph.  They've been good buddies from the start, so I feel I owe it to them to try to place them in their forever home together.

Both boys are sweet and loving creatures. They're social, confident and outgoing.

Henry is the wilder of the pair and will keep you entertained with his spirited leaps and pounces. He loves chasing things --- he's particularly fond of mylar balls.  His giant polydactyl paws are amazing to watch in action.

When he gets sleepy, he gets very lovey, and he'll purr and rub his face against you while he circles in search of the perfect spot to curl up and nap.

Joseph is spunky and full of life. Though he's much smaller than Henry, he often wins their wrestling matches because of his scrappy style, surprise attacks, and determination.  He's very generous with his purrs and affection and LOVES snuggling with humans. I think he's destined to become a great lap cat one day.

These kittens are being fostered for the Tacoma Humane Society,  so we follow all of their adoption policies and rules. They're neutered, microchipped and vaccinated (though they'll need another round of boosters to complete the series).  j

If you're in the Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia area and in search of a pair of adorable kittens, please send us a note and tell us a little bit about the home you might offer them.

Or if you know of someone who might be on the hunt, please send them our way!

Thank you!






  1. I just love how the color patterns on these two perfectly compliment each other. Like yin and yang. I hope somebody takes both of them together; it just seems natural.

    1. It's like one of them is the film negative!

  2. Exactly!! So adorable, wish i were not so far away.....

  3. Lookit how great they are at posing for photos too. Taking it seriously! Such sweet boys.

  4. Drat. I am actually trying to find 2 kitties to give a home too but darn it I'm in NC. So sad :(

  5. Sigh! Joseph and Henry are probably my favorites from this litter. But I'm pretty sure my kitties would not be pleased to have two kittens move in.

  6. Remember photographic film?? These 2 are film negatives ... one white where other is black and visa Versa. Gail



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