Monday, August 14, 2017

Alumni Update: Mavis and Bee Patmore


As promised, I've got an update on the other two of the Patmore Four -- Mavis and Bee!  Here they are (pictured above) shortly before their adoption. Mavis is on top and Bee is on the bottom.

Their mama, Parvaneh, sent us a nice long update with some sweet photos to share with us.

Here goes:

Wow, the girls are already a year and a half old! They still are just as sweet as the day that I first met them and their personalities have blossomed. They have been given different names, but I wanted to make sure I paid homage to their kitty committee names, too, and gave them little alter ego monikers. Bee became Dottie "BB Gun" St. Clair, and Mavis became Rosie "The Maverick" St. Clair. I chose the St. Clair name as it's a reference to a female mob boss and I just liked naming them after a powerful woman.

They are still as cuddly as ever and love to crawl into your lap when you're watching a movie, or hanging out in the living room with friends. Rosie has a tendency to sleep right on my head and keep me company in the mornings, but is also the one who is very insistent about her morning dining schedule and will meow relentlessly and gently pat your face to make sure you can't sleep through it. Even though she is the most aggressive about her eating habits Rosie is significantly smaller than Dottie. Rosie has a fluffy coat that's not quite shorthair and not quite longhair, but she is very slight and petite under her extra fur. She is very deliberate and focused, a very elegant young cat. Dottie is muscular and a little round in the belly. She is very much a shorthaired cat and very excitable and vocal. You always know when Dottie enters a room because she announces herself with little purrs and chirps. She's extremely cute, but clumsy, and she loves to take laps around the house at all hours.

These two have developed into quite the ferocious hunters and no spider or moth escapes them. They loooove feather toys and will jump several feet off the ground in an effort to catch them. We have to replace them very frequently as they chew them to shreds in moments once they catch them. Dottie is more of a catnip aficionado than her sister and will happily chew on her catnip carrots until she passes out in a blissful puddle.

Even though they love the hunt, they are ultimately extremely social kitties and love people. They are great with children and immediately climb onto the laps of guests who happen to sit in a comfy looking position. Every person who hears us gushing about our amazing cats thinks we're exaggerating until they meet our two wonderful companions. They steal the hearts of everyone who meets them. I feel so lucky that we were able to take these two sweethearts home and have them be part of our lives. They enrich our days in an incalculable way.

Thank you so much for sharing your girls with us today, Parvaneh. Clearly, they are living the good life in your care! We're thrilled to know they bring you so much joy!


  1. It is so great to see updates! All of the photos are fabulous, but I love the one of the two of them tush to tush in the window shelf the best?

  2. What a sweet love letter to two beautiful IBKC alumnae!

  3. One of my favorite parts of this blog is the updates.

  4. Love the update and the pictures. Sisterly bliss.

  5. Look at these two lovely ladies, living the good life. Many thanks to their hoomom for the update.

  6. Oh my goodness, what happy girls! So many fun places in the house for them to nap, and such good writing. Thanks Parvaneh!

  7. The photos show how much they're loved.

  8. Glorious, ladies!
    So well loved. Many thanks for the update.

  9. Good to see they're keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

  10. what gorgeous, healthy-looking girls, and such a wonderful loving home! I agree with other commenters, thank you so much for the updates! (I had to laugh at Rosie's habit of sleeping right on your head, that is so cute)

  11. Love all the details in this update! Great pictures too!!



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