Monday, August 14, 2017

Alumni Update: Genevieve and Theodora Patmore!

OH, this is going to be a fun week! To help celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the IBKC blog, which happens to be tomorrow, I've got a TON of alumni updates to share.  I love seeing pictures of our growing and grown-up IBKs and hearing about what they are up to, and I think you might too.

First up, we've got an update from Beth, who adopted Theodora (left) and Genevieve (right), two of our Patmore Four.  Here are the girls shortly before their adoption.


And here they are with sisters Belinda and Mavis.



Here are they are today!

And here's what Beth had to say:

We are thrilled and honored to have 2 itty bittys in our home.

Willett (Theodora): loves boxes and belly rubs, really good about getting her claws trimmed, used to eat more than her share of food and got a little overweight but we're working on it, super sweet, talker

Larue (Genevieve): loves her little plush ball toys with rattles, hates belly rubs and claw trims (doing her back feet is a 2-person task), feisty, dominant over her much bigger sister, super sweet, still has a high pitched squeaky voice, loves a lap

Thanks so much for sharing the girls with us, Beth! They look lovely and so very happy!  It's hard to believe they all grown up now.  It feels like they just left us yesterday, but they came to us in April of 2016, so it's been well over a year since their adoption.

Please give them some love from all of us!

Stay tuned, friends.  Two more of the Patmore Four are up next!



  1. Goodness, look at those thick tabby coats

  2. I thought that litter looked so much alike that it was hard to tell them apart. They have grown up to be very distinct from one another. What beautiful girls- and how nice to have a real lap cat!

  3. They've grown into such beautiful girls!

  4. 4th photo down (on the green pillow) looks like a pin-up girl! Wowza! Love the curled tail!

  5. Ah, that litter of four tabby girls (my weakness)... Black toe pads on white feet! The first two pics, LOL. It seems like they've turned into real characters. You go Larue, give'em hell with the claw trimming! My two are hopeless. One I can do 3-4 claws at a time (while he sounds like I'm trying to kill him, and he bites me, usually (I tried wearing gardening gloves, but yeah, no go. The other one, 1 maybe. And she's the small one!

  6. they look so happy, healthy and well-loved, what a wonderful forever home for them. Gorgeous girls!



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