Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Way to Go, Wilson!

Meet Wilson.


Wilson recently celebrated a birthday and he decided that he wanted to help the cats and kittens out by donating some of his birthday money to the shelter.

He came over to IBKC HQ one morning with his mom, Anne, and brother, Taylor, to spend some time with our Five Fellows and give us his very generous gift. The money was contained in a zipper pouch with a picture of a large orange tabby wearing a tag that read "Fat Cat" on it.  I seem to recall Opal and Ellis delivering their donation in a similar wallet years ago.


The boys were so sweet and gentle and really seemed to enjoy their time with the kittens. During the visit, I fielded many cat questions from them both.  Taylor described his favorite Garfield comics panel by panel. We played with the feather wand and the Fellows' other favorite cat toys. I learned all about their dog and their grandmother's cat.  We talked about where Wilson would like his donation to go to -- he decided he would like to see it used for vaccines and medicine for the shelter cats.


They boys have a copy of the IBKC book, and I think they were a little star struck when they got to meet the big cats,  Charlene and Wylla, who are featured in it.



It's always really inspiring to meet young people with such a giving spirit.

Thank you so much for your generous donation, Wilson.  I'll see that it's put to good use.  Thank you for thinking of the cats and kittens in need!


The afternoon is slipping by and though we've put a good dent in today's matching donation challenge, we still have a way to go --- there's $1413 left and only THREE hours left to get there.

If you're in the position to give and would like to help the homeless cats and kittens out, please consider making a donation to our fundraiser.  Click HERE to learn all about what we're raising money for and to make your tax-deductible donation. Thank so much for your support!



  1. It's great that you're helping out cats in need, Wilson. Good job!

  2. I'd be a little starstruck meeting Bean and Wylla, so the boys are in good company. Who wouldn't? ;)

    It put a big smile on my face to read Wilson wanted to donate some of his birthday money to help the cats.

  3. Wilson is an awesome young man, with a big heart.
    I like seeing the wonderful young people in your lives!

  4. Thanks for helping us bring this idea full circle Laurie, and for the fun pictures of the boys!



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