Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Goodbye Boys. Farewell Fellows.


Debbie sent me a very nice, long letter of introduction and shared many details about her history with animals and her current life. She explained she lived a peaceful existence and had lots of time and patience to devote to a kitten.  My first thought was Maurice. THIS was the kind of mama that would suit him best -- someone who was kind and understanding and would give him everything he needed to continue to grow into the confident cat I knew he would become.  And my second thought was Emmet. Kittens learn social behaviors from each other --- Maurice could benefit so much having his outgoing brother by his side.

Though she was on the hunt for one kitten, I suggested the pair.

I normally like to give people space and let them people pick their kittens. If they ask, I'll offer my opinion or make suggestions for pairings, but generally, I like to let folks decide on their own. But with this batch, I felt it was important to speak up a little more than I usually do to be sure this special set all ended up in the perfect homes that allowed them each to thrive.

Debbie considered the idea of the pair, then came over to meet them.  We had a good visit  --- when she first arrived everyone was jumping around in full crazy kitten mode, then they settled down so she could see their quieter side.  I was afraid Maurice might retreat, but he curled up in the kitty bed and allowed us to give him some pets and he gave us some purrs in return.  Emmet was his usual charming self and climbed onto her legs for his nap.

Though she fell in love with both kittens that day, she wanted a little time to think about committing to two animals.  So, we said our goodbyes, and my fingers were crossed while I waited to hear back from her.

The next morning, Debbie emailed with the exciting news that she wanted to adopt both Maurice and Emmet!

We got the boys on the surgery list, snip, snip, and they were ready for adoption.

We did the adoption on Monday afternoon, and though it was not easy to say goodbye,  knowing they would be in the care of such capable hands made it all bearable.

Debbie emailed a few hours after they got home to say the boys were already settling right in. It sounds as though they are off to a great start!

Thank you, Debbie, for adopting this set. You've got a very special pair of kittens, and I'm confident they'll bring you a tremendous amount of joy.  I know you're just the mama they needed and I am so happy you all are together.

And boys, we love you.  Thank you for coming into our lives and teaching us a few lessons on patience.  Watching you creep out of your shells was a lovely thing to witness. Thank you for trusting us and showing us your sweet selves. I'm so grateful for these days with you ---  I'll never forget our time together.

Farewell, brave Fellows.  We will miss you.










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  1. How lucky is Debbie to adopt both Emmett and Maurice!?!?! Can't wait to see how handsome these Fellows become as adults.

  2. What a wonderful adoption tale! Thank you so much to you and Ms. Debbie! :-)

  3. I am so thrilled she took both of those beautiful boys! They are all so lucky to have each other!

  4. Sounds like he purrfect place for them to be.

  5. Lovely!!! Debbie sounds like such a great match for dear Maurice and Emmet.

  6. Aww, what a great story! Sounds like a purrfect match for everyone.

  7. Naurice has such a perfect "X" for a Kiss of Love, while Emmet has a perfect "M" for his brother Maurice on his forhead; they do match together perfectly. Lucky Debbie; Maurice was, dare I say, my favourite of these charming young fellows.

  8. Isn't it wonderful how just the right people come along at just the right time for just the right kittens? Congratulations, Debbie! Please keep us all posted with their new names, and how they grow!



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