Tuesday, July 18, 2017

She Gives and Gives


Opal has been visiting us since she was three -- the very first litter she met was the LaBaths.  When she was four, she decided she wanted to help the kitties out, so she brought over a three dollars and five pennies from her piggy bank and donated it to our fundraiser.   It's a sweet story -- you can read about it HERE.

Every year since, this generous girl has made a donation. Sometimes it's part of her birthday money. Sometimes she makes and sells crafts with her friend Lola, who is also very generous. One year, they had a lemonade stand.  This year, she made brownies and sold them at her mom's workplace.

Today she visited and gave us a donation of $172.99.


In all of her years of giving, she's donated a remarkable $660.16.   Isn't that just incredible?

I asked her today why she feels inclined to give her answer was, "I'm not sure, I just do it."

Giving comes naturally, I guess.

Thank you, Opal, for thinking of the cats and kitten and giving so generously to help them out. You are quite an inspiring young spirit!



Just a reminder, we've got a $1500 match on the table today from our friend Mary, and we still have $1227 left to raise to meet it.  I know we've passed our goal, but I also know a lot of us wait until the last days of the fundraiser to give, so for those who had planned to give, but have not yet given, here's your chance! Mary's doubling our dollars until we max out the match or until 7:00 PM, whichever comes first.

To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit our fundraising page. THANK YOU!



  1. What a kid. It all starts somewhere and she's definitely got it. Great job Opal!

  2. Laurie- that is the sweetest story. What a special person Opal is. And what an entrepreneur!

  3. Opal and her brother are such handsome kids! And clearly, they have excellent priorities. Thanks for setting a good example, Opal!

  4. $173 DOLLAHS?! Wow, what a gal!

  5. Opal once again shows her kind heart to the kitties and to all of us.

  6. Opal looks like she's listening intently to whichever LaBath kitten that is. "Really? I had no idea!" XD Perfect timing with the camera, Laurie. It's a priceless shot.

  7. Therefore, people need more day online.

  8. Opal & Ellis are wonderful kids with great parents!

  9. The world needs more humans like Opal and her brother in it.

  10. Opal (the human) is a wonderful young lady and the love she and Ellis are becoming even more wonderful people.



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