Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Match from Mary!

I tried to go to sleep early last night but I was so excited about yesterday's events, I couldn't shut my brain off.   Wylla and Charlene were all fired up, too, and were having grand time chasing each other and doing what we call "fun fighting," where they wrestle and raise paws but no claws are out, and no one gets hurt.

I think the kittens were excited too -- when I went into their room to feed them this morning, the place was a mess. They had flipped over their beds and baskets, and it looked like someone had gone swimming in their water dish -- there was water splashed everywhere.  That must have been quite a party!

We've got a good reason to celebrate because we did meet our goal but we're not quite done! I'm committed to fundraising for two more days, and we have a couple of matches offered up by some generous friends, so I want to see those through!

Also, I know many of us like to wait until the last days to donate, so I want to give the procrastinators in the house a chance to get their dollars doubled too by our fabulous matches.

Our friend Mary, who offered up the Cozy Bed Challenge for us this weekend, is back with another match! Today she's going to be giving a dollar for every dollar we donate, until we reach the $1500 cap or until 7:00 PM (PST), which ever comes first.

To get your donation in before we're done, and to get it doubled by Mary, please pay a visit to our fundraising page! Thank you!

Thank you, Mary, for being so generous and offering up this awesome match!  And thank you to all who help us meet it today!

OK, kittens! Back to work! We're not quite done yet!!


Lots more to come today! Lil Bub, the most famous cat in the Universe, came to Tacoma this weekend and I took my little pal Opal to meet him. I'll be telling that tale it a bit.

Also, Opal, Ellis, and Jennifer are coming by to meet the Alexanders today and make their annual donation to the fundraiser.

There will be a couple of smaller auction items listed midday.

I'll be back soon with more soon. In the meantime...
Opurrators are standing by. Thank you!!


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  1. OMG, that last photo of a big mitt on a tiny phone is precious. I mean, all your photos and all the kittens (and your big cats, too!) are adorable but this just got me right in the feels (as the kids say). Squee!



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