Friday, July 14, 2017

A Fitting Naming for this Hairy Dude!


Our very hair little guy with that extra special coat has a name. Our high bidder wishes to remain anonymous, but here's his name and the story behind it!

So here is what I have wanted to name this kitten since the second I saw his adorable, amazing furry body- but I had to do some research. I saw an almost name conflict on the list of IBKC kittens- but then I remembered that Nicholas Dinichi wasn’t a BOY but was a surprise GIRL renamed! So voila! Though my name isn’t Nicholas, it is close- just without the s.

Here is MY NAME for the most fabulous kitten ever seen on the IBKC! (drumroll)

Nikola Tesla Alexander (to be nicknamed Nick).

I named him after Tesla because he looks like he was born under a Tesla coil. In fact, I am sure he was.

But nickname him Nick because, well, he is going to be someone’s buddy and it sounds a little cooler than Nikola

I gave HOURS of thought about this one- and Nikola Tesla Alexander sounds smart and cool all at one time.



Ha ha! Great choice!  Thank you to our anonymous high-bidder for giving so generously and also picking an excellent name for our kitty friend.

We're a couple of hours into Spay and Neuter Day and only a couple of donations have trickled in. It's such an important day to give because by fixing more cats,  we can make a dent in the overpopulation problem. Any amount helps -- especially because our dollars are being matched by Cynthia.  If you've got a little to give, please today.  Here's a link to our fundraising page!  Thank you so much!


  1. Perfect name! I love it. I wonder if Nick will grow into his floof, or if his floof will continue to puff out as his body gets bigger. Time will tell...

  2. Love the name! Glad to see others taking naming cats as seriously as I do. Some cats tell me their names quickly (Finnegan) and others are coy about it. Gwen took 2 weeks before she told me her name.

  3. The logic of Cat Names shows how much folk put effort and thought into the process; Nikola and Tesla are both PERFECT for him; and remind ordinary folk of this Brilliant man that Kitty was named for!

  4. Ni-ko-la! [sung in that "Rii-coo-laa!" voice]

  5. PS. Truly impressed with the Tesla Coil thought process behind the namer's choice!

  6. I am so tickled by the wonderful process for you Nikola's naming.
    So pleased to meet you Nikola Tesla Alexander.

  7. A special name for a very special boy!



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