Saturday, June 10, 2017

Otis Needs a Home!


UPDATE: OTIS HAS FOUND HIS HOME! Thanks for help spreading the word!! 

This handsome gray tabby with soulful green eyes and an "eraser pink" nose is Otis.  His dad lost his apartment a few months back, and while he's searched for a new place and has been staying with family, our dear friend Sarah temporarily offered her home to Otis.

Sadly, his dad won't be able to take Otis back in, so we're trying to help this special kitty find a permanent, loving home.

A little bit about the guy: 

We don't know exactly how old Otis is, but he's estimated to be around 10 - 12 years.  He appears to be in good health -- he's lean and muscular, his eyes are bright and his coat is shiny.  He's recently vaccinated.

He has excellent litter box habits. He enjoys catnip, treats, watching birds and being brushed. Laser toys make him frisky.

I've met Otis a few times, but Sarah knows him much better than I do, so I wanted her to share a few words about the boy.

From Sarah:

I've known Otis to be a gentleman! He made a smooth transition to a multi-cat household with curiosity and acceptance of the other cats as I slowly let them all meet. The human transition was harder for him--shy and gentle, it took over a month for him to come out of hiding. It was so worth the patient wait though! I have found him to be sweet, easy natured, playful and silly. He greets me with trills and affection daily. The more he feels safe and comes out of his shell, the more I am blessed by this amazing guy. He would be perfect for someone who understands the shy grace of a scaredy cat and what it takes to bond with them.

If you're in the Tacoma/Seattle/Olympia area and think you could offer a great home to this dear kitty, please send an email HERE and I will connect you with Sarah.

Or, if you know of someone who might be a good match, please share this post and send them our way.

Thank you so much!





  1. Awww, poor Otis and his Dad. Sounds like it shouldn't be too hard to find him a good home.

  2. Good luck Otis! If I were in the area, I'd take him in a heartbeat.

    1. Me too Logan - He's so handsome not to mention cute!

  3. Otis, Sarah says you are a Gentleman, and I can well belive her; I do hope you soon find a family worthy of your gentle ways. Good Luck. Liz

  4. Oh, Otis! What a handsome fellow you are. Such a gentle soul you seem to be.

    I am wondering if my (currently) solo fellow would like a housemate, especially when I am working.
    Sigh...I sure do like his looks! And Kai seemed interested when I asked him. I will have to consider things carefully.

  5. Poor little gentleman, what an upheaval to happen so late in his life. I bet his dad is devastated. It's my worst nightmare, TBH, losing my house and my babies!

  6. My heart goes out to Otis and his dad; what a devastating situation. Sending "perfect home" vibes to both of them from California.

  7. I hope Otis finds a good home soon. My LG is also a shy tabby guy who took his time to warm up. But once he did warm up, oh, what a dear little snuggle bug he turned out to be!

  8. Good luck to Otis!

  9. What a handsome little fellow he is, I wish him luck in finding a new home where he'll be happy.



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