Monday, June 12, 2017

Otis Has a Home. Fellows are Cute.

I'm excited to announce that sweet Otis found his home and is currently settling in with his new family. I got to meet them, and I do believe his future is bright!  They understand the patience it is going to require to get this shy guy acclimated and are committed to seeing him through it.

Thank you to everyone who helped spread his story -- I'm so happy we were able to find his people so quickly!



 I think the Five Fellows are getting a little bored with their quarters.  They seemed pretty happy just two days ago, but as their confidence builds, so does their curiousity, and they are now figuring out ways to slip out of the play yard.  I spent a lot of time this weekend trying to outsmart them -- and not with great success.  That Emmet is particularily clever and determined!

Later today I'm going to spring them from the current setup and let them roam freely in the room.  Oakley and Maurice still like to hide, so I need block off a few nooks before I set them free!

Here's a bunch of photos from the weekend. Gosh, they make adorable puddles, don't they?

And the cardboard couch -- my, how they love their cardboard couch.













  1. Cute puddles. But I particularly like the photos of the siameesles on the couch.

  2. So happy Otis found his home! Thank you for the Monday puddles Laurie! Just too cute :) - FL

  3. Wonderful that Otis found his new people. And those are some of the cutest puddles ever.

  4. I can't get over how HEALTHY and vital these Fellows look compared with when they first came to your home. Awesome!

  5. Glad to hear Otis's people found him! Hope all have a long and loving life. As for the Five Fellows - there is a making of a grand card set on the couch with this bunch. Just saying!

  6. Yay for Otis and his new family! And yay for kitten puddles!

  7. Great news about Otis!!

    The 5 Fellows brothers are utterly adorable, all of them... (but I must admit that Robin has stolen my heart).

  8. You really are the kitten whisperer. I'm so impressed with your photos!!! I love these Fellows :)

  9. Hooray for Otis! Thank you, everyone, who helped spread the word!

  10. Oh my dear sweet Lord! These are too cute! That last one is perfect!

  11. I am so smitten with those Siamese faces! They remind me of my first cat, Belle... I just want to pet their cheeks and let them snuggle in my lap. Soooo cute!

  12. I thought Emmet had the look of a trouble maker about him. He has extremely intelligent, alert eyes! His people are going to have their hands full.

  13. I love the little white one. That face... Aww.

  14. I'm so happy Otis found a good home. Even if he can't be with his dad, I'm sure that Dad's heart can rest now knowing that Otis will be taken care of. My best wishes go out to everyone involved. <3

    As for the Fellows boys ... ya know I see little bundles of kitten goodness like this and I just know that the next time around Imma just adopt a whole litter at once!

  15. Oh Morris, Morris, Morris! What a special kitten face! What a mug!

    Best wishes to Otis and his Dad. I pray that Dad finds his forever home too



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