Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hurley and the Girlies


We're down to one Huddleston now! Beau, Lovey, Spencer, and Tillie have left and are settling into their new homes. Hurley has found his family, but they're not quite ready for him to move in yet, so he'll be with us for a few more days.

Becuase it's just him now, and we don't want him to feel alone, he's been granted full priveledges and has run of the house --just like big cats.  The girls have taken him under their wings, and have become good friends to the little guy. He likes their attention and I think he's grateful for their companionship.    

They make a pretty adorable trio and it's been a whole lot of fun watching them interact!





I shared this on Instagram last night, but I thought I would post it here too for those who might have missed it. It's just little Hurley making a big leap. Again and again and again.  It's the same SPROING, I just knew you would want to watch it more than once, so I strung a few together.


  1. He's a lucky kitten to spend a few extra days with the girls before he graduates to his new home.

  2. The title sounds like a bad 80's band! Love the SPRONG that Hurley makes at Beanie's tail. Thanks for looping it for us.

  3. That must have been some joke in the third pic, to make Hurley laugh so. And those are some serious ear tufts.

  4. Spoiled, lucky boy, getting all that attention! His 'SPROING' game is spot on.

  5. Who else froze the frame mid-jump? :D

  6. #3 is killing me! The lips! The eye slits! The tiny teefs!

  7. Oh, the 4th picture could be the precursor of an attack on Charlene's tail!

    I love how Wylla was also gazing in the same direction in all her own ffluffly furry glory!



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