Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Big Love for These Little Tabbies



They're not all gone yet, but the Huddleston population has been dwindling over the past few days.  Before they started trickling out the door,  they all lined up and sat still for their final family portraits.

From left to right: Lovey, Beau, Hurley, Tillie and Spencer.

Aren't they just breathtaking creatures?  Everyone is a little different, but all are equally spectacular. And they are as dear and sweet as they are beautiful.

Their expressions say "I would like to love and be loved by you," don't they?  That's truly what they are all about.

I've always had a deep fondness for the tabbies, but after spending time with this crew, I think it might be even a little deeper now.  

What a special set. Their adopting families are the luckiest people alive.







  1. What a clowder of cuties. Are these their graduation photos, now that they've passed all their 'classes' with Bean and Wylla on how to cat and the control and manipulation of humans? ;D

  2. We have always have been the house of tabbies. I have truly enjoyed this bunch and wish them much happiness with there new families! Thank you, Laurie for all the wonderful photos.

  3. You certainly captured the essence of this group of graduates. Well done Beanie, Wylla, Laurie & Craig!

  4. There aren't enough hugs in the world for kitties. <3

  5. Er. Meaning not that people don't hug their cats. Just that all the hugs in all the world aren't as many hugs as the dear ones deserve.


  6. This group is so so cute. Right up there with the Lovejoys!

  7. They are the cutest tabbies ever! (Yes, LG, except for you. You are the cutest and bestest tabby I know.)

    1. LG; You are a Mature Tabby, with all the refinements that come with age, while these little ones are just starting out as Beloved Tabbies.

    2. LG thinks that is a very good point. :-)

  8. How in the world do you get them lined up so nice and sitting still?!!! :)

  9. I'm the momma of two of the most delightful tabby bunnies on earth. So I also love this litter especially. All kittens are magic, but there is just something about those tabbies!

    Also I can't wait to hear about who adopts Beau and I hope one of his sisters goes with him, because I have a brother-and-sister tabby combo with a boy named Beau, and my heart just bursts for tabbies, boys named Beau, tiny turbo tabby baby sisters, and bonded pairs.

    this is all very exciting, forgive my babbling

  10. A tabbylover myself, the sight of five adorable tabby babies in slightly different tones of gray—and all of them without socks! That is quite something.



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