Friday, March 17, 2017

The Last of the All-Tabby Pack!

I would like you to meet your new boyfriend. His name is Beau Huddleston, and OH, this fellow is a charmer. He won the "First to Purr" award in this party of five.



And here's number five, our final Huddleston.   Her name is Tillie, and she's the smallest in the set.

She wearing a little breakfast on her nose, but when you're this dang cute, anything looks good on you.

You wear it well, Tillie.




In the photo below, that's big brother Beau with a protective arm over sister Tillie.  They have similar features, but once you see their coats, you'll see they are actually quite different.  Equally adorable, but quite different.


So what do you think? Are they cute or are they cute???


One last thing before we go this morning -- to our local friends, if you're free on Saturday, please swing on by the University of Puget Sound campus for their annual Flea Market and Fieldhouse of Awesome Stuff.  It's part vintage market, part craft sale, and always a great show.  I'll be there with my crafts, and I'll be debuting some new kitty art pieces, too.

 I've been printing some of my favorite kitten photos on cotton paper and mounting them on birch panels. The surface is coated with several layers of gel medium, each layer is sanded, which makes a linen-like surface. Even though they're photographs, they almost have the quality of a painting. They measure six by six inches and are about and inch thick.

It's always fun to create something new and send it out into the world. I am curious to see what the response is at the show.

It's always so nice meeting you in reality, so I hope some of you can stop by!   For show details, click HERE. I'll be in booth #40 on the main floor.

Have a great weekend! We'll see you on Monday. I'll be sharing the names of the rest of the crew then.


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  1. So what are the other three named?

  2. They are adorable! But we're missing some information, Laurie. What are the names of the other three?

  3. Team tabby are oh so cute, you do an amazing job with your kittens. The two little Fishkins were a prime example.

  4. They are SO cute! I'm partial to tabbies :D

    I don't see the intro name post for the first three littles though?

  5. Hi ya, handsome! I suspect that my LG might have looked very much like you as a kitten. Your sister, Tillie, is a cutie.

    I look forward to seeing more of you, and your adorable sibs, next week!

  6. Patience, please. The rest of the names will be announced Monday.

  7. Beau, you are indeed my beau! Tillie - a girl after my own heart with wearing one's food. Can't wait to hear your siblings name (especially the chunky one!). Ask Laurie if she'll sell any of the kitten birch blocks.

  8. I thought 'Flea Market and Fieldhouse of Awesome Stuff' was one of your creations; however, a Google search revealed it was the actual name of the sale. Wish I could come(there's a cute Framboise block I'm coveting), but I promised to help most of the day at another event.

  9. Oh, they are cute, for sure!! Heart-meltingly cute!

    Congrats to Sir Beau for his "First to Purr" award... :)

  10. Did I miss the names of the other three?? They are so cute!

    1. Stay tuned monday for the last 3 names

  11. OMG the dark-striped stockings! These two are luscious beauties.

  12. I love the suspense for the names. It just can't be beat!

  13. They're all precious. I've always had a soft spot for tabbies - maybe because my first cat was a tabby?

    1. Same here. The tinee tabbees get me every time.

  14. Oh Beau is a heartbreaker for sure.

  15. These babies are amazing. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  16. I have a tabby son named Beau! My Beau Bear has white mittens, socks, and belly, plus a bright pink nose. Also, at 13 lbs. he's not really a kitten anymore, although I often call him my giant kitten because he is a total mama's boy, LOL.

    He had a different name when I adopted him, but immediately I knew I wanted to call him Beau, because he is a little lovebug. (His sister came with the perfect name Minnie, because I had recently lost my beloved girl Mini after 18 years, so I took it as a sign. Also Minnie is tiny and sassy just like her name suggests.) Beau is also very protective of both his sister and me, like a little lionheart.

    Thanks for letting me talk about my darling boy. Beau is a very good name and I love these kittens already. :)



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