Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Boys in Black and White


 I packed the boys up yesterday, and we headed to the Humane Society for an appointment with the vet. They actually seemed to enjoy the ride and both perched near the front of the carrier so they could peek out the window.  There were no cries along the way.  No stressed kittens.  Just two happy travelers with wide-open eyes.

Doc wanted to do a re-check and see if their URIs were clearing up. They're doing good, but still a wee bit sniffly.  Once they finish this round of antibiotics, they should be 100%, which means they should be all better before quarantine is up. Thank goodness! They are itching to get out of the kitten room, and Wylla and Charlene are very excited to meet their new boyfriends!  I can hardly wait! The girls are going to LOVE these boys.  

Now that you've seen a few photos of the boys, can you tell them apart?  I converted a few photos to black and white because I think it's a little easier to see their features this way.  As I mentioned before, their bodies are quite different, but their faces are similar, which makes it hard to identify them in photos.  In the photo above, Mose is on the left and Sidney is on the right.

This is Mose below.


And this is Sidney.  When he gets excited, he gets poofy.


This is Sidney.


And this is Mose.


More Mose.


And here's Sidney once again.


It's hard isn't it?  I think Sidney's chin might be slightly narrower than Mose's and his eyes might be a tad further apart.  I'll try to get a few more side-by-side pictures over the next few days so we can do a little more comparing!

Quick update on Wylla before we go today:  She had an appointment with her vet too --they wanted to check her urine again to see if her bladder infection had cleared. I'm happy to report they found zero bacteria in the sample, so she is officially all better now! We were thrilled to hear this news and hope this was an isolated incident and won't be a reoccurring problem with her.  


  1. Love these little boys! Love Wylla's good news! Yay!

  2. When I took care of the ferals on the farm, one spring we had five black kittens who survived, followed by three or four more that fall. It took me a little time, but I got to recognize them by the number and placement of their white spots, for one thing.

  3. Glad everyone got a clean bill of health from the vet. Mose has bigger eyes than Sidney but both are cute!

  4. Buddy, Tiger, and Mr. Mistofelees' MomFebruary 15, 2017 at 10:24 AM

    They really look like 2 peas in a pod. But in the video clip you shared yesterday, you could tell that one of the sweeties is quite a bit bigger than the other.

  5. Thee boys are beautiful in black and white -- and in color too! Excellent news about their health and Wylla's.

  6. In their Valentine video, one on left appears to be quite larger and blacker like double dipped in ink. Good news about Wylla. Gail

  7. They are such gorgeous precious little boys, but their claws look seriously scary, is that just the angles? So happy for Wylla YIPEEEE !!!!

  8. At the top of the post I thought that Mose had a slightly wider face and chin, and then you opined the same at the bottom. Can't wait to see more of these little guys, black cats are a breed unto themselves! (When my handsome silver tabby crosses the rainbow bridge, hopefully in another decade if I have anything to say about it, I want to get a black cat. Or a calico. Maybe a ginger. I can't decide.)

  9. really gorgeous photos Laurie, that new camera suits you and these guys are wonderful little subjects. They're lovely!



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