Thursday, December 8, 2016

Another Snow Cat!

My parents got a good blanket of snow the other day, and when my dad shared a picture of all this white, I asked him if it might be good snow for building a Snow Cat.

His response:

Sadly, the weather warmed quickly, and Snow Cat 2016 was soon reduced to a puddle on the patio.

Thanks, Dad! Well done. The bow was a very nice touch!

For those who have been following us along for a while, you know this isn't Dad's first Snow Cat. Here are a few examples of Dad's handiwork from previous winters.


A Snowcat for Nigel and Mimsey Frost


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  1. Your parents are THE GREATEST!!!!! Maybe it's time to create a "Snow Cat Calendar"...

  2. Snow kitties are some of my favorites.
    Way to go, Kitten Whisperer!

  3. Next to visits from The Kitten Whisperer, his Snowcats rock! Love how he and your mom have become so totally smitten with Nigel & Mimsey. But I am glad Conn. does not yet have snow.

  4. It's early in the season. There's plenty of time for a Snowcat that sticks around for a while. This one was fabulous!

  5. Your dad is awesome! And his snowcat-making skills seem to improve each season.

  6. Wow! The Kitten Whisperer has great artistic range! Bravo!

  7. Dads with a sense of whimsy - just the best! No wonder he is the Kitten Whisperer!

  8. How fun!! I love this Snow Cat's pose, and her curled tail as well as her festive bow. Your dad is quite the artist, Laurie.

  9. Very nice work! Love the details of green eyes, red nose, and sweeping whiskers.

  10. Your father is very inventive and obviously loves cats. Terrific !

  11. Your dad has found his medium. Those cats are truly brilliant! The last pic is clearly the "Dude.



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