Wednesday, December 7, 2016

24 Hour Sparkle Ball Sale!

For the next 24 hours ALL Sparkle Balls in the IBKC Shop are 30% off!!!  I was hoping a big sale might encourage you to get those orders in sooner rather than later -- we certainly don't want any disappointed kitties with empty stockings on Christmas morning, now do we?

This is the biggest Sparkle Ball sale of the season, so, if you're planning on picking up a pack or two, now is the time!  It's a great time to stock up for year-round fun!

To get your discount,  enter "SPARKLESEASON" when prompted at checkout!

To visit IBKC shop, click HERE.  To go straight to the Sparkle Balls, click HERE!

Sale ends at 10:00 AM Pacific Time tomorrow!!

We put a treat in every package, like postcards or pins.  AND you might even find a Wylla or Charlene hear stuck under some packing tape!  BONUS!!  (Just kidding, I try hard not to let that happen!)

: )


  1. Getting that to not happen is exponentially harder when you have a cat that likes to lick the sticky side of tape.

  2. Also, I hold that no kitten requires a stocking to have contents to have it be a fine Christmas. ;) Just leave all the wrapping paper and boxes and bows and empty stockings in a pile on the floor and watch the fun. XD



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