Friday, October 28, 2016

Missing Patmore Pictures Found! Hooray!


 The last couple of days a litter is with us I take a lot of photographs.  Mostly because I'm trying to have plenty of images to write their farewell tales, but also so I can have some content to fill the days until the next batch arrives.

After the Patmore Four had left, I imported about 500 photos, then deleted them from the SD card. After ejecting the card, my computer froze up, and those images were lost. I was pretty heartbroken at the time because I knew there a couple of gems in that batch, but felt there was nothing I could do, so I had to accept this loss and move on.

Because I take a squillion photos, my computer hard drive is always maxed out, and when it reaches that point, it starts behaving strangely. It froze up the other day while I was working in iPhoto, and when I restarted it, it automatically began repairing the photo library, and those lost images suddenly reappeared!

I had forgotten what I had lost, but when I saw these yesterday, I remembered why I was so sad.  Just look at these cutie pies!














And this video! Oh my, this video!  

 Have a great weekend, everyone!  I'll be back Monday with our darling Starlings and lots of Halloween fun!


  1. Yay!
    I love how the same toy or bed becomes something totallly different to them. Once a cubby, not always a cubby.
    They're so creative!

  2. Horizontal cat pod climbing! Love it.

  3. Oy my! So cute! Love the kitten-go-round!

  4. That video was adorable! What a fun toy!

  5. OMG! Just when you think kittens can't get an cuter they gobsmack you to the floor laughing! "Adorable" hardly cover it.

  6. Sooooo glad you got the photos back! In case it ever happens again, there are a million free utilities out there that can recover photos deleted from an SD card, assuming nothing has over-written them by the time you try to recover them. So the moment you think they're lost, just Google for a recovery utility. And don't put the SD card into anything else until you find an appropriate utility and follow the instructions for it.

  7. Oh, my. I see why you were so crushed to lose the photos at the time. The ones you've shared are definite winners, and that video is hilarious. Kitten-go-round, indeed! XD What a bunch of sillies! Any updates on these sweeties?

  8. What a lovely surprise! Wish I was a kitten, so I could try the Kitten-Go-Round: it looks like a lot of fun.

  9. You need to get an external harddrive if you don't have one. NEED to. (But whatever you do, don't get a Western Digital. I recommend Toshiba Red. It was recommended to me by the tech guy where I had my WDs repaired...)

    Also: squee!! The little video, hehe. "You spin me 'round like a record, round round..."

    1. Things are backed up on multiple external drives, I am just slow to pull them off my laptop because I like to have them handy. it fills up fast because I take thousands of photos of each litter and videos too.

  10. Great pics! The video was so cute and made my day so much better...I'm going to play this a lot! So glad you were able to recover them.


  11. Oh, don't you just HATE when you lose good pictures? I'm so glad you found them again - they're soo cute peeking over the edge of the chair!

  12. Too, too cute! So glad you found the photos, Laurie! I love the kitten-go-round. They find the best ways to amuse themselves! And you find the best ways to make us smile, Laurie!

  13. Aw, glad you found those adorable kitten-at-table pics, and the video makes me lol!

  14. Carbonite backup allows for instant retrieval of photos or data. only about $100 for 2 years and unlimited data storage. I have too many precious memories to risk to loss in fire, theft or malfunction. Your site is so cute!!!

  15. I want them and so does a friend of mine can we have them please :(:(:(:(:(



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