Monday, October 31, 2016

Cute Little Pumpkins!


Well, of course, we had to break out the cat barn to take a few pictures of our Halloween kittens!



And then we had to shoot a little video, too. Those giant, pawing mitts are the best, aren't they?

Halloween is always fun, and having a pair of orange and black kittens around makes it even better! I'll be sharing a lot today on Instagram, which will also publish on Twitter and our Facebook pages, so look for more spooky stuff on all of our social media outlets!

If that's not enough, comb our archives HERE to see some cute little pumpkins from the past. THIS is an all-time favorite.  So is THIS one.

Oh, and a little reminder, keep an eye on your felines, friends.  With all of those trick-or-treaters coming to your door, make sure your indoor cats don't slip outdoors and into the night! Be safe!


  1. Adorable! Reilly & Miss Sprite will be spending the evening in the basement, far from the costumed beggars at the door.

  2. Zombie Wylla is my all time favorite!

  3. My monsters will be spending the evening in the basement, in my office, or the bedroom as appropriate. Being owned by a house-panther, I take no chances on Halloween night.

  4. ok, that is one of the cutest Halloween pics ever! And you've had some great ones.
    Are those Wylla vampire bite marks on the side of the barn? ;)

    3 black cats and a tuxie will all be safely locked up in a bedroom.


  5. Great setting and staging, and what a couple of cuties! Zombie Wylla makes me lol.

  6. LG generally spends the evening in the basement, but he put himself to bed in the den about an hour ago. He'll head down to the basement when the first knock on the door occurs.



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