Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Goodbye Little Friend-zo


Shortly after we found a home for Cleo and Posey, I put up a post on my personal Facebook page letting my friends know that Enzo still needed to find his people. He needed a special family --- patient people that would understand that he might be a little shy and scared at first, and need some help getting acclimated.

Enzo's soulful eyes had caught Christy's attention , and she had been crushin' on this kitten ever since his arrival.  The post was the nudge she needed, and seconds after I shared it,  Christy commented, "I want him".  And seconds after that, "I'm serious."

 It was Christy's birthday on this day, and Enzo would be the sweetest little gift from the Universe.

Christy is a dear friend, and if you've met her, you know how loving, warm, and wonderful she is. Her heart is huge for animals.  She's the force behind Liberté du Monde Gourmet, and each year during our FUNdraiser, she donates a portion of her sales.  She's good, good people, and knowing our precious Enzo would be a part of her family, which includes her kind partner, Jensen, his lovely daughter, and a senior French Bulldog, made me awfully happy. I knew without a doubt that this family will provide this kitten with exactly what he needed -- patience and love.

Christy was out of town at the time and was scheduled to return on Oct 18th, which meant that Enzo would be staying a little longer than his sisters. This extra time was great for all of us -- he got a little braver and was able to show his sweet self a little more, and we got to understand him better, and enjoy this time with him.   We all bonded tightly, especially Wylla, who LOVED having this little guy to chum around with.   Charlene enjoyed the boy, too, and they shared many good naps together. She even let him takeover her favorite bed upstairs.

His goodbye was a little harder than others -- he had our hearts.  But like I've said a squillion times before, including yesterday in his sisters' adoption tale, what makes saying goodbye bearable is knowing our kittens always land where they should, and where they will be loved.

And because Christy is a dear friend, there will be opportunities to see our dear Friend-zo again, which also helps.

I couldn't possibly be any happier for this kitten and my friend, too.   We wish you a long, happy lifetime together!














  1. Good luck precious boy ~ hoping you settle in quickly to your loving new home.

  2. Oh, yay, the spice lady! Will look forward to the possibility of seeing a special gourmet tabby blend or some such down the road. And to potential updates as well. Way to go, Enzo! Have a wonderful life with your furrever family.

  3. Oh my! The rear views on the climber just killed me! XOXO

  4. Enzo is a Very Special Tabboy. So glad to hear that updates are a possibility!

  5. Another happy story! I look forward to updates on all the Framboises.

  6. He is the most special and loved kitty. Enzo found me as much as I found him. He has been here a little less than a week and has us all wrapped tightly around his little mischief! I am truly in love with him and he slept most of the night with his paw on my face. Currently he is showing the bathmat who's boss ;-)

    1. I adopted my Maya as a kitten and she loved showing the bathroom rug who was boss. So hilarious!

  7. So happy he found the purrfect home!

  8. What a dear little soul. <3

  9. Congrats to Christy and family for sharing their home with Enzo. And Anne Boleyn is right, the hanging tails is wonderful! Would make a fun card, just saying....

  10. Knowing the furbabies you love so much are going to great homes definitely makes it easier. When they're with friends, that's the best you could hope for.

  11. That is so very exciting that Enzo has found such a wonderful home. He sure looks like a great kitty.

  12. I love that photo where Enzo is being squished by all the Wylla love! Congratulations Christy!

  13. He is going to be a most stunning cat.

  14. Oh how I love his rosy little nosey. What a sweet boy. Lucky Christy!

  15. Happy tails to you sweet Enzo!

  16. OY shouldn't have read this here at work. damp eyes now. He's precious.



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