Monday, October 24, 2016

Goodbye Girls


As I sat down to write today's departure tale, I was thinking about how much everyone will miss this litter. They're such a special batch, and I know they tugged on the heartstrings of many.

And then it dawned on me, I had these very same thoughts with ever single litter we've hosted.  Every single litter.

I remind Charlene and Wylla at least once a day of how special they are.

"Out of all the cats in the world, how is that we are so lucky to have YOU as our cats. What are the odds of us having two such special cats in our life?"  

Sometimes Craig will offer a response to my question.

"Because all cats are special," he says.

It's true, they are.  And this steady parade of kittens that runs through our house sure proves this theory.  It's not a matter of whether they're special or not, but in what way they are special.

With the Framboise Family, I suppose the little tongue thing is what makes them stand out.  But also, their journey from scaredy-kittens to trusting cats.  I'm proud of this batch and so happy they were able to let go of their fears and become the sweet, loving things they are today.

We only had them for a month, but in that short time they became big, healthy, social, and ready to move on.

And so they did.


Dan and Erin are longtime followers of the blog, since 2008, I think, and recently moved into our area.  After spending a little time setting up their home and getting settled into their new town, they decided they were ready to bring a pair of sweet, fuzzy babies into their lives, so they sent me an email and introduced themselves.  They sounded like wonderful people, so we were very excited to be setting a meet and greet with them once quarantine was up.  

They wanted to adopt all three Framboises, but their apartment complex only allows two pets per unit, so they had to settle on just two.  Posey and Cleo caught their eyes initially, and once they met them in person, it was confirmed that these two would be their kittens.

The Framboises were scheduled for surgery the following week, which gave Dan and Erin some time to do some shopping and pick up every single thing a kitten could possibly ever need.  Yes, they had plans to spoil these girls.

Bellies were shaved, parts were snipped, kittens mended, and it was time to say goodbye.

It was sad to do so, but like all other adoptions, knowing the girls were going to a wonderful home where they would be loved, made it all bearable.

I've gotten several emails from Dan and Erin, and the girls are doing great!  Here's a bit from the latest update:

The girls are doing exceptionally well, and have acclimated far more quickly than we'd anticipated. They've really opened up since yesterday, and we're just tickled to see it all unfold, especially watching their kitten personalities compliment one another in the cutest ways. They're just deadly cute. We've seen the gamut of awesome kitten behavior, from full-tilt zoomies to lots of snuggling with plenty of purring and kneading happy feet. Even though they have a zillion toys the sparkle balls are still their favorites. 

They've been eating and drinking well, and adapted to the new litterbox situation quickly (with only one minor mishap, which of course happens). Our only "sad" moment so far was watching the girls notice their reflections in our glossy entertainment center, and meow at themselves, perhaps thinking of Enzo. Hopefully that's just our own projection -- and my goodness is Enzo a cutie, speaking of which. We'd have so happily brought him along if we weren't living under a 2-pet restriction. So glad that he has a great home too. 

There have only been two tiny tongue-out moments so far, and I wasn't fortunate enough to capture them, but they'll always be the Framboises to us even if the habit (predictably) passes.

We wish you all the best, Dan and Erin.  We're so thrilled you adopted Posey and Cleo -- I know they're going to bring you a tremendous amount of happiness. Have fun spoiling your special kittens!


















  1. Looking forward to Framboise updates from Dan & Erin. As long time viewers of this blog, they should know we expect updates!!!!

  2. The girls hit the jackpot!
    Looking forward to more updates!

  3. So lovely! I'm glad for these little Framboises!

  4. The sisters found the best home for them it seems! Enzo thinks of his sister's but, he is happily accepting all the snuggles, love and playtime a single kitten van handle. He sends his love for sure!

  5. Laurie, been a reader for years now and I get my daily dose of squee from your blog. Any chance you'd do a photo book of the kitties you fostered?

  6. Have a wonderful furrever with your family, girls!

  7. Are people starting to move to the Northwest for the IKBC kittens? No wonder the housing prices are going up!

    Look forward to hearing more updates on the lucky Cleo and Posey.

  8. This has been one of my fav litters, and am so happy they have all found such great homes! Thanks for taking both girls Dan and Erin. Have fun!


  9. Sweet home-going story, and lovely pictures before they departed the premises! They sure are gorgeous!!

    Like you with Bean and Wylla, I tell my silver tabby girl Clara every single day how lovely and wonderful and special she is, and how lucky I am to have her :)



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