Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bananas Before Breakfast!


We're still waiting for kittens!  The foster room was bursting with them last week, fosters homes were full,  so all of the wee ones were sent out to other rescues.  We should see some very soon --kitten season is not over yet.  Really, it could happen any moment now.   The Foster Department knows we're itching to get more, and as soon as they do, we'll getting the call!

But as we wait, well just keep reminding ourselves that it's a very good thing when there are no kittens. 

 I think having some kitten-less days is good for the girls -- a little alone time with Mom and Dad serves them well. Both have been spending a lot of time near me since I returned and we've had lots of fun in the morning  and in the evening before bed, which are their most active times of the day. Bean always gets a wee bit heavier in the winter months, so we're trying to increase her activity and get into the habit of exercising them both more.   

This morning they were thrilled to find the cat bananas they had abandoned last night were now warming themselves in morning sun. They heat of the sunbeams must have really activated the catnip scent, because instead of taking a left into the kitchen this morning to eat,  they both took a sharp right into the living room and made a beeline for the bananas. Before they even ate their breakfast, Charlene and Wyalla each had a good tussle with their own banana.  What a great way to start the day!

Bananas before breakfast!






OK,  ringer is turned up on HIGH and I'm waiting by the phone, and the second I get the call I will let you know!


  1. Gotta love a Mom who lets the cats get a wee bit stoned on bananas before breakfast.
    Did I hear the phone ring yet?

  2. wow, BEFORE breakfast???!!! They must really love their catnip ;)

    and those are some amazing puncture wounds, Bean. Way to go!


  3. After seeing how much your girls loved their bananas, I ordered 3 of them and passed them out to celebrate Sylvie's first birthday in April. Naturally, they all insist on canoodling with one dirty, slobbery banana and largely ignore the other two.

    1. I swear its a little like needing to season a cast-iron fry pan to get the BEST out of it.

  4. Wow, my cats love catnip bananas but they would NEVER pick them over breakfast! That must be some good nip in the sun!

  5. Extra aromatic from the sunbeam's warmth?
    I finally found a store with these bananas and got one for Kai.

    The 17 year old 'nip cigar was just not interesting to him. I bagged it in a baggie of 'nip to see if that helps. ;)

  6. It is spring here. I have baby catnip seedlings. Very soon I will have to find a secure location or they won't survive.

  7. Hi Laurie, where do you get your catnip bananas from? I have my 3 fur babies at home and I think they need a sweet surprise!

    1. Lauren, they are made by Yeoww. I buy them at a local pet boutique, but I've seen them in the big box pet stores, and on Amazon too.

    2. Thanks so much Laurie! You're the best!! <3



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