Monday, August 8, 2016

Nicholas Dinichi Reporting for Duty


Usually it's Inspector Bean who's in charge of quality control when we're shipping out orders, but  Nicholas took an interest in the position, so we let him give it a try.


He smelled and tasted the batch of the prints we shipped out last week -- only toppling over the stack twice in the process.


Well done, young man.  Well done.



We've still got a few of our beautiful Butterbean prints left in the shop, so if you didn't purchase one during the fundraiser, it's not too late.   They're only $7.50 each and all of the profits from the sales are donated to the shelter.  Please pick one up today -- it's  great way to support the homeless cats and kittens AND you get a sweet piece of art featuring the one and only Butterbean! Click HERE to see the listing in the IBKC shop.


How about a little more Nicholas before we go today!   His baby kitten face is disappearing and now he's looking so mature! And handsome. My, is he handsome.

They're all growing too fast these days.  It's awesome, because it means they're good and healthy, but sad, because it means they're dashing to the two-pound mark!




OH, and there's THIS.


Have a good Monday, friends.


  1. Oh, I was very happy to receive my print, but now I'm even more excited to learn that it was inspected by that little cutie-pie!

  2. No wonder my prints and sparkle balls arrived in perfect condition! Thank you, Nicholas!

  3. Job well done, Nicholas. Miss Beanie has taught you well. And your Baby Man Face is adorable!

  4. It's nice to see the kittens lending a paw. Bean is a busy cat and deserves a break.

    I'm going to miss seeing these kitties when they move to their forever homes.

  5. What a wonderful skill for a young tabby boy to have!
    It will be a shame when the Dinichi family moves on...but I do love them. The Adorable is strong in Nicholas.

  6. Impressive... that boy needs his very own stamp, haha :D



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