Saturday, July 16, 2016

Who Has Two Thumbs and a Name? THIS Guy!


Our friend, Nanette, has won quite a few naming rights auctions over the years!  She's responsible for naming Luigi Fortunato, Marie-Noire Suprenant, Priscilla Batsel, and Evelyn Hollis.

Well, no surprise she was our high-bidder on the naming rights auction for our little orange guy!

From Nanette:

When I was nine, I got my first kitty and have been enchanted by orange tabby boys ever since. I've been fortunate to have had two in my life. They were cheeky, naughty little boys in orange striped pajamas. They were also the sweetest things ever. 

 This little tater needs a name that honors his orange tabbinicity. Yet, he probably has a great future as a catcher or outfielder because of those giant, polydactyl mitts and every ball player should have a media-ready nickname. 

 Therefore, I propose that this adorable boy be named Russell "Spud" Dinichi.

HOW WONDERFUL!  That's a fabulous (and hilarious) pick!

Thank you so much for yet another generous bid and most excellent name choice, Nanette!

And now we know the names of our whole little Dinichi family:
Dinah Alice, Tegan Grace, Nicholas Cassidy, and Russell "Spud" Dinichi! It's so nice knowing what to call them now! I look forward to addressing them by their names rather than their pattern and/or coloring!

Thanks to all who bid, thanks to all who won! Thanks for all the great name choices!

A friendly reminder: All the money we're raising this weekend goes to our Foster Program. Also, we've got a big mach on the table, so every dollar will be doubled until we reach the $5000 cap!  It runs until Sunday tomorrow, but gosh, wouldn't it be swell if we met that match today?

 If we do that, we can take a day off from FUNdraising,  and I'll devote the whole day to just cute pics of our little Dinichis. I will ask you for not even a single dime.   How's that for incentive -- I won't bug you tomorrow,  if you give today! : )

We've got $2814 to complete the match -- to make a tax-deductible donation, please visit HERE!

Thanks to everyone for love and support! I hope you feel as proud of us as I do -- we're doing great things for the cats and kittens!  Way to go, TEAM IBKC!

Stay tuned... more to come!


  1. Living in Seattle means Russell is a great name automatically! Welcome to the adorable Dinichis.

  2. I think I started a trend with the middle names .... Oops!

  3. Spud! LOL, we call our senior orange tabby boy that! Perfect name!

  4. I'm laughing. We have a local variety of potatoes called "Russell Reds"

    1. Lisa (mom of Chai, Sophie, and Acacia)July 16, 2016 at 3:27 PM

      And see, I was thinking how much Russell sounds like Russet... :-D

      Oh, what potatoey fun we're having with this batch!

    2. I suspect our local variety name is a corruption of Russet...:-)
      Those paws would make excellent potato mashers!

  5. Thank you for the laugh out loud moment of my day! Hilarious and perfect name!

  6. Great story and name! Hey, Spud, maybe you should start one of those little sparkle balls around the horn to celebrate.

  7. I was hoping a kitty got named Spud or the acronym of their name was Spud.

  8. I love this little guy's name (and nickname)! Nanette, thank you for another wonderful, perfect, excellent, laugh out loud choice.



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