Sunday, July 17, 2016

Take a Look at This Cutie!!


I stopped in the Foster Room yesterday and took a peek at a few of its residents. I always love seeing who's in there and oohing and ahhing over all of those babies. I got a chance to say hello to this little cutie above! LOOK at those knee-high socks! Or are they go-go boots?  I'm not sure what his story is, but judging by his size, it looks like he's made weight and might be back for surgery.

There were a couple of moms with new borns in the foster room,  a few young ones waiting for their foster families to come pick them up, and several that had returned to the shelter for their spay or neuter surgery, who will soon be on the floor and ready for adoption. It was busy and full -- so many mouths to feed and needs to meet in that room!

This time of year is the busiest, and it's not uncommon to find the cages 100% occupied and the foster coordinator on the phone frantically trying to find foster homes for everyone! During the busy summer months, within a single week you can see as many as 30 - 35 litters pass through the foster room.

Fortunately, we've got a very large network of foster families to accommodate this flow, and when the foster families are maxed out, we reach out to other rescues and they will help lighten our load if they have room.

It takes a lot of energy and time to manage all of this. And money, of course. The money part is where we come in!

All that we raise today (and what we've already brought in on Friday and Saturday) is funding our huge and awesome Foster Program.

Cynthia, our dear friend, is passionate about this program, and she offered up a $5000 match to help us help them even more! We've been chipping away at the match all weekend long, and we still have $2004 left to bring in before we meet it completely. We've got until 7:00 PM to do it, which is kind of a lot for a Sunday, which are usually pretty quiet days around here.  But, I'm going to be here all day long sharing with you and asking for your support,  and hopefully you'll feel inspired and want to give!

Here are a few items the Foster Program needs to stock not only the foster room, but the foster homes, too.  These are all necessities, so whether you give enough to by a tiny kitten-sized litter box for the foster room,  or enough to by a wire kennel for a foster home, you're helping!

Nursing bottles $10
Kitten-sized litter box $10
Kitten Wipes $10
Kitten formula $15
Digital scale $20
Snuggle Safe heating pads $25
Cat carrier $35
50 pound bag of kitty litter $40
15 pound bag of kitten food $45
Case of wet food $50
Wire Kennel $100

To support our Foster Program and help us meet that big matching donation challenge, please visit our Firstgiving Page!   Thank you, Cynthia! Thank you, ALL!!

We've got lots more to come today! I'm going to give you a little peek at a couple of auction items that will go live tomorrow,  we've got  an alumni update, and most likely, I'll pester you for money a couple of times!  Do stay close!

THANK YOU!!   Enjoy your day!


  1. What a cute little one.
    So many babies to foster.
    And only so much space in the Butterbean & Stout finishing academy.

  2. Looks a lot like Pearla Warren, who was one of my favorite IBKC alumni. Also looks a lot like Lucy, a baby I fostered in 2010 and absolutely fell in love with (no, she did not end up a foster fail!).

    I love what you all are doing and hope to have a bit extra to donate this week.

    1. Oh heavens, it was Pearla DEARBORN. I had a minor brain fart there--I used to know someone named Pearla Warren!

  3. Go-Go boots FTW!
    I love him and everything about the foster program.

  4. This kitten looks so much like Pearla Dearborn!

  5. He looks too cute to be real!

  6. I'm laughing because he looks like he got 3 paws in the paint before being stopped



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