Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Walking the Walk

This was Wylla's fourth Dog-A-Thon, and just like the previous years, our unflappable girl did great. She saw lots of old friends, made a few new ones, and delighted many folks who were surprised to see a cat in that sea of dogs!

Nearly the whole shelter staff was at the event, and many volunteers, too. Many kind words were said about you all --- they're so thrilled about the money raised and appreciate your support so much. So if your ears were burning on Saturday morning, it was because we were all talking about you!



We met our group near the registration tent, and went right to the trail for our walk. Lynn, who just happens to be Zoubi's (formerly know as Zelda Lamm) mom, was the high-bidder on the cute cat hat auction.  Here she is sporting her prize and looking adorable!   Alex, her husband, joined us too, and so did his father!


We also had another kitty with us this year!


This is Puntino, and we were so a happy to have him and his mama, Dannie, join us on the walk!
Tino is a certified therapy cat through  Pet Partners and they go weekly to the American Lake Community Health Care center to visit our Veterans in hospice, memory care, and long term care.

You could see he had a lot of experience out in the world -- he was so calm and happy as we walked the trail. The many dogs we passed did not rattle him one bit.  It was nice spending time with Dannie and learning about the awesome Pet Partners program.



Craig carried Wylla most of the way. If we would have let her walk the whole route, we would probably still be there now!    She did hop down every now and again to explore a little, but most of the time she was on Craig's shoulder.

One of the signs we carried said "We're walking for the cats". One person on the trail laughed at us and said "You ARE walking for the cats!" and pointed out the fact that none of the cats were actually walking.   I got a good chuckle out of that -- he was right.


We encountered a big tree stump just off the path and Wylla took a moment to cool her belly and take a rest on it. From this perch, she could see the ducks on the lake.  She was pretty happy up there, and would have gladly stayed there much longer if we would have allowed.



Here are some of the humans patiently waiting for her royal highness to return to the trail.


Lots of folks stopped us on the way to say hello to Wylla and Tino and take a few photos of our kitty crew.


We were nearly done with the walk when Wylla and Tino both finally realized they weren't the only cat on the walk.]. There may have been a tiny bit of hissing coming from a certain girl kitty.  Tino had much better manners.


After we were done walking the walk,  we said our goodbyes and parted ways with the group.  Craig went to find a quiet spot to hang out with Wylla, while I walked around and I mingled with many dogs, visited the vendor booths, and said hello to shelter friends.







It was a great morning,  a fun time, and thanks to all of you, we proudly walked our "victory lap".

Thank you once again, big-hearted, generous friends.  It was a very special day, thanks to you!




  1. What a great time! I especially love the Dachshunds at the end...oh, and the beautiful spaniel...and the Pit bull looking pup...okay, I love all the dogs!

  2. Wylla is beautiful, and it's very nice to meet Tino, and all the dogs are cute too. But I must ask ... my favorite part of the official Dog-a-Thon walk pictures every year is seeing Mr. Ninja Bob ... did Bob sit this one out? His adoring fans send our love!

    1. Bob has retired and no longer resides at the clinic, so he did not attend the event.

    2. I'm glad you asked, I was wondering about Ninja Bob too especially since his blog no longer exists. Thanks Laurie for letting us know what happened to him.

    3. How's he doing these days? Who's his loyal and devoted slave in his retirement?

    4. I think he took a permanent home with a staff or board member -- I can't recall exactly who it was. I really don't know much other than "he's retired". Sorry!

  3. I don't normally think Cornish Rex cats are particularly charming but Tinto changed my mind.
    Love the tree stump pictures:)

    1. He is quite charming and so very loved by his chauffeuse.

  4. Wylla is so good about riding on Craig's shoulders. Wouldn't dare try that with any of my cats, especially when surrounded by dogs.

    Of course, there was a little hissing: her royal highness looks like this whole walk was organized for her amusement. Who invited another kitty?

  5. Looks like Puntino is a curly haired cat...cute. Also like the pictures of the dogs especially the last one, wonder what breed it is. And the pictures of Wylla on the tree stump reminds me of Bev Doolittle's camouflage art.

  6. Hard to think that once Wylla was but a wee spot on Craig's shoulder! Now the full magnificence of that floofy coat is on display. Hope Craig took a few water breaks on the walk.

  7. Thanks for the report. Tino's a handsome guy. Wylla looked very regal up on the stump. The basset dressed as Robin Hood cracked me up.

  8. Such a great event! Wylla is as amazing as ever, and Tino looks like one cool cat. That's really funny that Wylla and Tino did not notice each other until near the end of the walk. I guess they both had too many other things to look at.

    1. Lots of nature, dogs and people to observe and accept homage from. :)

  9. What fun! Wylla is such a great ambassador for adoption. And it looks like Tino is a rather large Devon Rex

  10. So beautiful, and so green! (It's funny to this North Texan to see all the sweaters and vests.) A lovely setting for Wylla's latest outing. Congratulations on another amazing Dog-a-thon!


    1. The morning was quite cool and damp until about 90 minutes after the IBKC team walked. Then it got quite a bit warmer and layers came off!

  11. Loved meeting the IBKC walkers and the kitty team members as well. Wylla accepted my admiration quite nicely. As did Mr Tino - and Pet Partners is an amazing organization!



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