Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Few Kitten Clips

I had planned to share some pictures of our big Walk on Saturday, but  those Dinichis were being so dang cute last night,  I thought I would share these moments instead. I tossed in a few recent bits I've shared on Instagram too, so a couple of pieces might look familiar to you.

BUT, it's a whole lot of cute and I think a great way to start your day!  We'll share our Dog-A-Thon pics tomorrow, OK. The dogs can wait!

Alright, bring on the Dinichis!

Russel, Tegan, Dina and Nicholas -- let's see some cute!


  1. Thanks for this "Moments of Kitten" - love Dinah's confused looks and Russell the Spuds
    orange mitts.

  2. Ohhh, the tubby tabby belleh!

  3. Such cuteness! Love the itty bitty squeak and the shoe model.

  4. Nicholas has a belly just like Bart Mittenfloss!

    K from MN

  5. I thought our little shoe model would be stuck for sure. Clearly I underestimated the flexibility and ingenuity of a kitten.

  6. I love these little potatoes!

  7. Those weeeee baseball mitts just make me melt!

    And the sandal bondage video was amazing!



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