Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Let Me Out of This Joint!

They were fine for the first few days, but the kittens started growing a little restless in their quarters. This little monkey figured out that she could slip through the bars of the kennel, so I had to put up some foam core walls on the lower half of the cage to discourage escapes.

Now when I'm in the room, I'll let them come out and scurry around the floor. They'll do that for a couple of minutes, but always end up in a puddle at my feet.

I figured out that they don't want out,  they just want me.  Which is very sweet, of course, but if their demands aren't met, they will loudly express how displeased they are by screeching and screaming.  It's shockingly loud -- so much noise coming from such tiny creatures!  I posted a little video on Instagram yesterday, so if you would care to hear the cry babies, click HERE.



In FUNdraising news:
Yesterday was a really awesome day for the Senior Cats! We ended up adding $11, 615 to the Senior Cat Fund, and it makes me so happy to know this money is available to help this very special population at the shelter!

Until 8:00 AM Pacific Time this morning, you can still contribute to this fund, so if you still want to help the Seniors out, you still have a little time!

Thanks to all who gave to this fund, and thanks to Cynthia, who sponsored this match.  
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

What's to come today:

THIS auction will be ending at 11:00 AM, and we will be starting another.

We've got another nice match to meet, and we will kick that off shortly -- don't worry, it won't be as hard as yesterday's! We've been pushing hard the past two days, so we will ease up a little today!

We'll announce the surname of this adorable batch! Hooray!

And an alumni update (or two, maybe)!

So much happening today, so please stick close! 


  1. Love the "prison" picture. Those wiley torties a creative and demanding!

  2. Maybe they just REALLY want to get back to those FUNdraiser phone lines!

  3. BOW WOW, those are agile kitties!

    Your pal,



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