Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It's Always a Great Day to Give


 Well, things are moving along just swimmingly, and if we continue like this, we're right on course to blow past our big goal!

To make sure we get there, I've divvied out all of the matching donation money for the next ten days, so if we if we meet every match, we will get there for sure!     

Today, our Awesome Anonymous Donor has offered up a very generous $2500 to help us reach our goal. Until 7:00 PM tonight (Pacific Time)  for every dollar we donate, she will match it.   Even though it's a huge match, after two days of $5000 challenges in a row, this will feel like a stroll in the park, I hope!  

Some of our days throughout the FUNdraiser we raise money for specific programs, like the Senior Cat Fund, Cinderella Program (low-cost spay and neutering), and Foster Program, to name a few.  On the days in-between, though the money isn't earmarked for anything specific, it's just as important to give during these times. 

These days help fund all the day-to-day stuff the shelter needs and helps cover the cost of the essentials: like litter boxes and litter, bedding, scratchers, food, dishes, cat toys, paper towels, grooming supplies, and cleaning supplies.  It's not glamorous stuff at all, but it certainly is crucial to the daily operation of the cattery and the care of the thousands of cats and kittens that pass through our shelter, the largest shelter in the state of Washington, each year.     

So, I do hope you'll consider donating today -- it's a great day to give.   AND your dollars will be doubled by our generous match!!!

 Maybe you'll give enough to buy a pack of paper towels? Or enough to buy a 50 pound bag of kitty litter. Or maybe a six-pack of furry mice? Or enough food to feed all the cats in the cattery one day?    It all helps, so if you're in a position to give, we certainly would appreciate your support! 

Thanks so much!  We will be back soon with more!

To make a tax-deductible donation to the shelter in the center of our kitty community, click HERE. 


  1. Love the 'shag rug' pix, the kittens sure find comfort in it!
    Love these babies all the more since we had the 'vacation break'and all.



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