Saturday, July 16, 2016

And Now, A Word from Bean


 Good Morning, Friends,

It's Bean. I'm up  early for a Saturday morning, but this kind of is an important day, so I wanted to jump right in and get things rolling!

This weekend we're raising money for the Foster Program.  We told you a little bit about the importance of the program yesterday, but I wanted to tell you how I personally benefited from it.

You see, I was a foster kitten once. This was before the IBKC existed and before I met all of you.

I came into the shelter with my brother in March of 2006. We were tiny things -- even smaller than our wee Dinichis.

My brother is on the left and I'm on the right.

charlene (right) and her brother (left)

After we had a chance to visit the vet and get checked out,  we were sent to a foster home and placed in the hands of moms who were experienced caregivers, and able to take on frail kittens with many needs.  Our foster moms took care of us, bottle fed us, gave us our medicine, and kept us safe, warm and clean. We needed round-the-clock attention, and in our foster home, our moms could provide us with that.

My brother got sicker, and sadly he didn't make it, but with their love, care and dedication, I was able to thrive.   Soon I was big enough to get adopted and move on to my forever home!

I was the reason Mom and Dad learned about the Foster Program at the shelter, and when I was a year old, they began fostering kittens, too.   Since then, we've welcomed 51 litters and 207 kittens!

I've experienced how beneficial the Foster Program is first hand - it gives wee kittens a very solid start in life.

It's not just kittens that benefit from the Foster Program -- nursing moms, and adult cats with social or medical issues are fostered, too.   Cats in need of hospice care are placed in foster homes, as well.

And so our Humane Society can continue to do this important work through the foster program, I wanted to ask you  if you would consider supporting it today.

With the money we raise,  the shelter can purchase all of the necessities for the kittens and cats in foster homes, and also provide the foster families with the equipment and supplies they need to give the cats and kittens optimum care.

We do hope you will choose to support our efforts on this important day.

Thank you for listening.

Forever yours,

Charlene Butterbean

Thank you, Charlene, for sharing a few words with us this morning. We're so glad the Foster Program exists, because without it, we never would have found our way to you!  And meeting you and finding out about the Foster Program certainly was a life-changer for us!

 Thanks to our friend Cynthia, we have a very generous matching donation challenge that's really going to help make the fund for the Foster Program grow! For every dollar we give, she will do the same until we reach the $5000 cap.

The challenge runs until Sunday at 7:00 PM, but we hope that if you plan to donate, you'll do it soon so we don't have to do that huge push at the end where we flood your Facebook and Twitter feeds with our frantic pleas in the final hour, and interrupt your quiet Sunday evening!

Yesterday was a little slow and we've still got $4500 left to meet in the match. We're a little behind, and I'm hoping things will pick up this morning!

To make a tax-deducible donation to support this very important program, please visit our Firstgiving page by clicking HERE.  Thanks to all who help this fund grow!!

To learn a little bit more about the program, please read yesterday's post HERE.

We've got lots to share today, so don't stray too far! You're not going to want to miss the next name announcements -- those will be coming up next!

Stick around, please!


  1. Okay, Bean. I was saving my next donation for the food pantry, but you got me, again. Such a little cutie you were.

    1. Our food pantry got a big grant this year, so we don't need to raise money for it!! YAY!

    2. Oh, that is great news!

  2. I die every time I see that baby bean photo. Our own SPCA is starting a significant fundraising drive for a new set of buildings for the cats. I'm off to visit them with some fundraising ideas thanks to you.
    Greetings from New Zealand



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