Friday, July 15, 2016

For the Foster Program!!


As you all know, the foster program is very near and dear to my heart, and because of this, we always devote at least a day of our donations during the fundraiser to this program.

This amazing program allows both cats and kittens to receive the best possible care while they wait to reach an "adoptable" state.

With these cats and kittens temporarily living in our huge network of foster homes,  more space is created at the shelter for incoming cats, and this time of year there are a LOT of incoming cats.  It frees up shelter staff, too. Animals in need of fostering require more care, sometimes 'round the clock, and special attention, too.

Foster homes give mama cats a safe and quiet place to raise their babies. For orphaned kittens, foster families are able to socialize them and monitor them closely to make sure they're getting all that they need.

The foster program helps big cats, too. Adult cats are fostered when they need time to recover from an injury or illness (like a highly contagious upper respiratory infection) or if they just need to spend some time working on their social skills.  By sending recovering cats into foster homes, it keeps the remaining cat population healthier too.

Fostered cats and kittens tend to be happier, healthier and better-adjusted pets. So when they return to the shelter, and are put up for adoption, they get adopted quickly, and the likelihood of them being returned, is very, very low.

A lot of cats and kittens pass through the foster program each year, and with every single cat and kitten, there is an expense.

All day long, and through the weekend too,  the funds we raise will support the foster program.

The money will be used for things like kitten formula, bottles and syringes, canned and dry food, bedding, crates, kennels, scales,  kitty litter, vaccines, flea treatment,  heating pads,  pro-biotics, medicine,  sub q fluids, and more.

The Foster Program helps thousands of cats and kittens each year,  and I hope you will choose to support it today!

Thanks to our dear friend Cynthia, we've got another match!  It's a big one, but we've got the whole weekend to meet it, so it shouldn't  be TOO hard.

For every single dollar we donate, Cynthia will be matching it until we meet her very generous $5000 cap.  The match will run until 7:00 PM (pacific time) on Sunday.

That gives us a whole lot of time to get there, but things get a little quiet around here on the weekends, so I'm hoping everyone who's thinking about supporting this program, will do so today!  

I will posting all weekend long and  doing my best to keep you entertained while we forge through this match. I've got lots of photos to share and a few stories from other foster families, too.

It's going to be busy around here!

Thank you EVERYONE for all the support!  Thank you, Cynthia, for this generous match. And thank you to all the foster families out there taking care of this special cat and kitten population in need!

To make a tax-deductible donation, please pay a visit to our FUNdraising page!


OK, I'll be back later with more!


  1. Thank you awesome matching donor Cynthia! And all the amazing foster folks like you Laurie & Craig. Fingers crossed this match is met early this weekend. No nail biting required!

  2. Cynthia is a saint! <3

  3. Hello, I am Mr. Mistofelees. My kitty momma and daddy were feral cats. I was fortunate that momma was "captured" while she was pregnant with me. I was born in a safe place, but was still a feral kitten.

    Thanks to a wonderful foster family, I was able to learn to trust humans. Now I happily live with my human momma and two kitty brothers, Buddy and Tiger.

    Mr. M

    Mr. M's mom here. I am so grateful to those who foster animals making them suitable for adoption. I couldn't imagine fostering a kitten then giving him/her back. But if it wasn't for foster parents, I wouldn't have my Mr. M. THANK YOU to you, Laurie and Craig and all those other foster parents out there.

    Buddy, Tiger and Mr. M's Mom

  4. And I LOVE this photo of the whole Dinichi family from above, eating, and, ahem, stepping in it. I foster kittens also, and oh my goodness do they ever step in it. And jam their whole face in it. And get it thoroughly soaked into their fur. Anyway, just a shout-out to say, what a darling photo!



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