Monday, June 6, 2016

Happy Birthday, Opal the Human!

Opal the Human (not to be confused with Opal the Kitten) is turning TEN tomorrow.  We all love Opal and have enjoyed watching her grow over the years, so  I thought we could all take a little time to day to celebrate her and this birthday milestone with an Opal retrospective!

Though I never shared these first two pictures on the blog, the LaBaths were the first IBKs Opal met.  I love how the tiny kittens and tiny human are equally curious.


And their little conversation was the cutest.


Throughout her whole life,  she's been surrounded by lots of critters, so she learned at a very early age "how to be gentle".  It shows in her hands -- such tenderness.











You've grown and changed so much over the years, Opal, but what has remained is your love for the little ones.


We hope your birthday is as special as you are!

Happy birthday, dear Opal!


  1. Miss Opal the Human, Thank you for being such a great person who loves the kitties.
    You have made many of them nearly as happy as you have for the many humans who follow the IBKC kittens.

    Your generosity of heart is impressive and an inspiration. It has been an honor meeting you.

  2. Replies
    1. Me too! Opal, the Human, is such a kind soul. I love the first two pictures!

  3. Such a wonderful heart! Happy birthday, Opal!

  4. Happy B'day, Opal!--from Arowyn (PS- *Arowyn* is a combination of *Arwen* and *Eowyn*, I sort of study these things, and it looks very much to me like you have some of "the grace". If you are not familiar with those names etc., Laurie can probably explain....Many happy returns to you!

  5. cat lady in the making!! Happy Birthday Opal!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OPAL! a.k.a. kitten whisperer, a very special title to have acquired at such a special age.

  7. Happy birthday, Opal-the-human! I've loved seeing your photos over the years - seeing your love for the kittens has brightened many of my days. And thank you for your fund-raising efforts over the years for the yearly fundraiser. You are a marvelous kitten whisperer!

  8. Happy birthday, Opal! Bow wow, you sure love kitties more than I do!

    Your Dachshund pal,

  9. Happy Birthday Opal the Human! I hope you have a special day!

  10. Congrats to Opal on the milestone birthday. What a wonderful friend to kitties she is!

  11. What a sweet girl. It is such a pleasure to watch her grow into such a kind, gentle young lady with a huge heart -- who engages her friends in her philanthropy and her support of the kitties!

  12. The first two pictures are adorable! Happy 10th birthday Opal.

  13. I hope this is the best birthday yet, Opal the human! I've enjoyed watching you interact with the itty bitties, and your generosity inspires me.

  14. Happy birthday Opal, fellow Gemini girl. :) These pictures are very sweet ... I have a picture of myself holding my first cat brother at age 14 and I cherish it as depicting the moment I became an official cat lady, hee. You make all of us that are friends to animals very very proud. Have a wonderful day!

  15. Holy cow, Opal, you're in the double digits! What a treat it has been watching you grow ever more caring and beautiful.
    Old Gray Mare

  16. A very Happy Bday Opal! What a lovely set of pics for your parents to cherish. I too applaud your fundraising efforts...very inspiring! and yes, the 1st 2 are especially sweet!


  17. Has it really been a year since her party at the bookstore with surprise kitten visitors? Time flies! Happy birthday to a wonderful girl and fabulous friend to felines.

  18. Happy Birthday and thank you for your kindness to all kitten kind. I especially thank you for your kindness to my girls Enid and Hester. You are truly a wonderful young woman.

  19. Happy birthday, Opal! You are a truly remarkable, kind-hearted young lady! I'm sure your mom and dad are so proud of you,as are your multitude of admirers. Thank you for your kindness and love of all kitties!

  20. Opal's mommaJune 6, 2016 at 1:30 PM

    I'm crying now. Thanks for loving my girl, and letting her love the kittens.

  21. Happiest of birthdays to you, Opal the Human! I'm so happy to see these pictures of you doing what I so wish I could do -- cuddle the kittens!


  22. Lisa (mom of Chai, Sophie, and Acacia)June 6, 2016 at 6:22 PM

    Happy Birthday Opal! I hope it's a wonderful day, and year to come! Thank you for being so kind to animals and especially all the Itty Bitty Kitties over the years. Your gentleness is a treasure.

    Best wishes from,
    Lisa-the human, Chai & Sophie-the kitties, and Acacia-the puppy (but really an honorary kitty)

  23. The first photo is so amazing—both Opal and the little 'cow' kittens. It seems like she has an innate knowledge of how to interact with animals. The way she lets them come to her? Text book. Opal might just be in the Top 10 girls.

    WHO is that gray & white ear-tufted kitten in the 8th pic?! The kitten in the background in the 5th pic hanging upside down cracks me up. :D

    1. That's one of the Batsels -- Barnum or Clifford.

  24. Wishing Opal the Human the happiest of birthdays! It has been such fun watching her grow up on the blog as she's come to visit the kittens each year, first by herself and then with her brother. Opal has such a loving and gentle spirit. The world is better with her in it!

  25. Happy Birthday, Opal the Human!

  26. Wishing Opal another year of great happiness and joy. You make the world a better place !!! I hope one day you will be the Foster mom and bring so much more joy into the world !!! You are a very special person.

  27. Buddy, Tiger and Mr. M's MomJune 7, 2016 at 6:03 AM

    Dear Opal, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I have one of your paper kitties you made for one of the fundraiser 2 (?) years ago. It hangs on my refrigerator.

    Best Birthday Wishes, Buddy, Tiger, Mr. Mistofelees and their Mom

  28. Happy birthday Opal! Or as we say in Wales, penblwydd hapus! Hope you have a great day.

  29. Happy birthday Opal. You are growing into such a lovely young lady.
    Barbara B.

  30. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Opal the Human!

  31. Dear Opal,
    A very happy kitten filled birthday wish for you. Your actions have put many an adult to shame in your willingness to help the little ones. Your mom and dad have taught you well. Hope you have a wonderful day! Can't wait to see you with the next batch of kittens.



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