Friday, June 3, 2016

Floofy and Floppy

Wylla got a good brushing the other day. I try to brush her once a week on average, and more frequently in the summer months. She's pretty tolerant at first and doesn't put up a fuss the first five minutes, but she does get a little riled when I get too close to her belly or cataloons.  I try stop before it escalates.

She does take good care of her coat is always grooming herself, but if we don't brush her, she gets a few tangles and matted bits in her armpits and other harder-to-reach areas.

I used the Furminator, which does a pretty good job of catching the loose stuff before she sheds it all over the house.  It's kind of expensive for a cat brush, but it really does help reduce the number of cat hair tumbleweeds wafting across our wood floors, so I personally think it's worth the investment.

If weather allows, I like to brush her on the deck.  I gather most of hair that's removed, but let some of it waft away. I'm sure the birds put it to good use and line their nests with her fur!

After we're done brushing, she always needs to flop around a bit and re-poof her floof!

Here's our floofy and floppy post-brushing girl.







  1. I have yet to regret buying a Furminator for our Pippin. He's not even close to being as floofy as Bean & Wylla, but he does SHED.

  2. One of our girls sheds a ton, but she loathes the Furminator. Any tips on getting her to let us use it on her?

  3. I can attest to how good the Furminator works on my short haired cats. I have both the large and small blade versions. Finn, Levi and Dylan will tolerate the smaller one. I use the larger one on Henry, whose fur is short but very thick. Like Wylla, he will only go along with brushing for about 10 mins. at a time and then starts biting me and the Furminator. Since his fur is so dense I brush him on short intervals over several days. I believe the investment was well worth it.

  4. I love the Furminator. One of my pet-sitting clients has one, which I happily use on her kitty. Since I'm a pet-sitter, I'm thinking of getting one to travel with me. It's worth every penny, hands down!

  5. Wylla is floofy and beautiful! ❤️

  6. Is it normal for cats to yack more than usual after a good brushing? My floofy boys have hairballs regularly anyway, but I'm trying to gauge whether dislodging a lot of hair at once gives them more hair to digest or not. We do Furminate, although I nearly groomed Spike's backside bald with it once. :)

    1. We've never experienced that -- the exact opposite, in fact.

  7. So long as THOSE WHISKERS remain untouched Wylla can always stand loosing a little spare Floof. Just keep whispering in her ear; "Less Floof and you look slimmer"; Girl Cats are as vain as most other females!

  8. The furminator made poor India yelp, which means that Zoubi would never come near it (she learns by the experiences of watching India). I still don't know what we did wrong- we tried to be so gentle.

  9. I love that face she is definitely putting up a good pout !!!She is such a precious girl.

  10. The Furminator is an amazing gadget, well worth the hefty cost. It will also forever. Sorry. Had to. The trick to using it in a way that a cat will tolerate is to use short, very light strokes. It's incredible what a cloud of fur it raises -- stuff that would otherwise wind up in a hairball next to the bed ;)

  11. It's like $50 bucks! I'm thinking of going into business with a competing one...

    A tip for those of you who have more than one cat: my boy cat (who is a bit temperamental while still being a mama's boy, heh) used to put up a stink when I tried to brush him. But then! His new sister LOVES being brushed. So now he loves it too. Any kind of device (both of them): the Furminator, a regular brush, a comb, a rubber thing, even a lint roller, which I do last. The lint roller I first did as a joke—but then they loved it! I reckon it's like a massage roller, especially if you do it kind of hard.

    It totally helps them (and me) with hair balls and hair in the apartment in general. But also—this is my theory—I feel like it's a kind of bonding with them. Cats groom each other when they like one another, right? So me grooming them, wouldn't they perceive that the same way? That's my educated cat psychology guess, and I'm sticking to it. :)

  12. Re-poof her floof, indeed. Heh! There's plenty there to be floofing.



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