Thursday, June 23, 2016

Alumni Update!!! Agnes Pettibone and Myron/Myra/Dixie Clover!



Eight years ago, Vic and Ian adopted a pair of Pettibones, Agnes and Henry.  As many of you recall, Henry passed, and after their hearts did some mending, Vic and Ian added Myron/Myra (now Dixie) Clover to their family. Dixie's adoption tale is truly one of my favorites, and you can ready it HERE.

It was a year ago that Dixie moved in, and it sounds as though they are all are doing just great!

Here's what Vic had to say:

Agnes Pettibone recently turned 8 years-old, we can hardly believe how quickly time passes. She is healthy and happy and stunningly beautiful. She remains playful, flirtatious and has embraced her role as tolerant big sister. She's not fooling anyone. She likes having a pesky little sister to play with, most of the time. Her favorite things are naps, snacks and squirrel watch. 

Dixie (nee Myron/Myra) Clover is 1 year-old. She is fluffy, sweet and hilarious. She adores her big sister. Dixie plays fetch, is an expert fly and spider killer and like to store her favorite toys in her water dish. She asks to be picked up and to be carried around on a shoulder, often times, for a good 30 minutes or more, purring the whole time. We are in awe of her smokey bits of fur. Her belly fur is long and grey and she has "mad professor" tufts behind each ear. Then there is that tail. It still seems disproportionately floofy to the rest of her. We love it. We love her. She's been the perfect addition to our family.

We are so proud and fortunate have had 3 IBKC alumni in our family. I am convinced that the love and care that IBKC kitens get during their time with Laurie, Charlene and Wylla prepares them to be happy, well-socialized, loving pets and cherished family members. 

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful girls with us today, Vic and Ian.  I know everyone will be so happy to see these two once again!  Many were curious to see how Dixie's unusual coat would develop  -- it sure is gorgeous!

Thanks for loving our IBKs so much! They're so lucky to have parents who adore them like you both do! Please give them both a few scritches from all of us.

PS While looking for a young Dixie photo for the post, I came across THIS! Hee heeeee!!!!  I totally forgot about those messy little beasts!! 


  1. Such lovely, lucky kitties! Thanks for sharing this update. It's wonderful to see "our" kitties once they've grown up. (Ok, I feel a little bit of a relationship after reading so much about them).

  2. love the updates....they look wonderful

  3. Looking good there, Agnes. Love the chin splotch. And love how you and Dixie are loving Victoria & Ian. Good job, ladies!

  4. Such gorgeous, well-loved girls! Plus, the thin body-floofy tail trend continues.

  5. Agnes is stunning. Is she still a pillow princess?

  6. They seem very happy!

    That kitten video is to die for!!! Hilarious!!

  7. I didn't comment on each of the updates but I did want to thank all the parents for them. I love hearing what the cats are up to, their personalities and seeing recent photos. They are all so beautiful.

    p.s. That video of the messy Clovers was hilarious.

  8. Lisa (mom of Chai, Sophie, and Acacia)June 24, 2016 at 2:43 PM

    OMGosh - the white toe fluff on Dixie in picture #2! Completely awesome!



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