Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Post-Surgery Patmores


I know you're not going to like to hear this, but do you know what your looking at in this photograph? Those are post-surgery Patmores lightly frolicking in the morning light.

That's right, post-surgery.

Everyone did really well with the procedure. When I picked them up at the shelter they were fully awake and ready to get out of their cages and come home. During the brief stay in Vet Treatment, they charmed everyone and made fast friends with all the Staff they encountered.  Those Patmores are delightful, so I was not surprised to hear this at all!

We'll have a few more Patmore posts this week, and because Monday is a holiday in the US, we're going to take that day off.  On Tuesday and Wednesday I'll share the adoption tales, and you'll find out how the Patmores were paired!

This has been a stellar set of kittens.  I know many of you have expressed how much you'll miss this crew, and we all feel the very same way.







  1. Seems fitting that these sweet girls get their starts on their forevers just as my mom loses her sweet Duchess. "Duckie" was adopted in Washington (Jefferson County) in 2005, with her sister, Bella, and they've been our "Kindergatos" ever since.

    I wish the Patmore girls wonderful lives with their sisters...kittens in pairs are truly the most fun way to do the cat thing!

  2. Oh boy, those girls sure do make fabulous little bookends. Fingers crossed that they leave in pairs!

    1. I believe Laurie already mentioned they have paired up for their forever homes :)

  3. Time for them to go home! I'm very excited for them and their few families. Can't wait to hear their adoption stories! For me, this is one of my favorite parts of each litter. What you and your family does is wonderful and each set of kittens that gets adopted just makes it all the more wonderful. Thank you!

  4. The adoption stories are always wonderful little adventures. Accompanied by an empty spot in my day until Charlene and Wylla invite us in to meet their next cohort.

  5. I love all the kitties but the Patmore's really have been special indeed! Can't wait to hear their adoption tales, hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!

  6. I just realized that I don't get teary because they are leaving- I really get teary because they will have a wonderful life and be yet another IBKC success story. Thanks, Laurie. It is always good to be reminded of the kindness in the world.

  7. I feel like in the second-to-last photo, Wylla is telling the girls not to play too rough now, lest they break open their stitches!

  8. So sad to know they are leaving but so glad to know they have loving homes! And what could be better than SIX ladies in a picture! Four Itty Bitties and Two Floofys. Now that is one fab household.

  9. I love the first pic with those two girls on the floor squabbling. Heh. And the last two shots where Wylla has entered the room and the kitten in the window is all: "Ooooh it's Wylla!!"



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