Thursday, April 21, 2016

All the Buzz


Meet Belinda.  But you can call her Bee. Or Baby Bee -- because she's tiny, stripy and always buzzing about!   She's a torbie like big sister Mavis -- but just barely. She has a subtle tabby bullseye pattern on her sides, and within that swirl you'll see several small, patches of red blended in.

She's easiest to pick out from the crowd when viewed from above because she has two strong streaks running down her back and a big dot between her ears.  That's her "on" button. If you touch it, she will start purring.

She's much browner than the rest -- almost golden --  and her face and the back side of her ears are much lighter, too.  Look closely at her nose. See how it's kind of splotchy in the top, left corner?  Everyone else has a solid nose,  so that makes her easy to spot.



She's on the right in the picture below. See the button?  That's Mavis to the left. They're pretty tight.



In this group shot below,  Bee is the second one from the left.


Obviously, this precious kitten is adorable and special, but there's something that makes her EXTRA, extra special.

You see, Miss Bee is our 200th kitten!  


200TH KITTEN!! And these dear Patmores are our 50th litter!
Later, we'll have a more formal celebration of these milestones.

Today is all about Belinda.

Teeny-tiny, striped and swirly Belinda "Bee" Patmore.  Goodness, it's a pleasure meeting you!



  1. Welcoming hugs and love, Belinda!

  2. congrats on 200!! love when kittens have a visible "on" button :)

  3. Gah, so adorable! I can hardly stand it... Welcome to you, Belinda Bee!

  4. That is all kinds of adorable- Bee!! 200 kittens- WOW Laurie. That is amazing.

  5. Welcome,Belinda! So a torbie, cute, purr machine, 200th kitten of the 50th litter....that is some powerful mojo for such a little girl! Can not wait to see you and Wylla together!!

  6. The torbie might be small but the cute is STRONG in this one!

  7. oh, tis a pleasure indeed, sweet one!

  8. Sorry, off topic but there's a Cats versus Christmas trees video compilation out there that seems to contain a bit of one of your videos. It looks like the kittens batting at the Christmas tree bells. Aren't you reserving copyright? Sorry, couldn't email you. Please delete this comment. Thanks.

  9. What a little sweetheart! I just love her "on button", it's perfectly placed! Welcome #200 and litter #50!

  10. What a sweet little face. Congrats on the foster milestones!

  11. Does she have speckly toe beans to go with her nose? My cow kitty has a spotted nose and toes to match. That's pretty common, right?

  12. Oh, so lovely. Congratulations special little lady. Flight of the Bumblebees for their theme tune?



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