Friday, April 22, 2016

Adorable Theodora


When the Patmore four arrived, the shyest of the lot was Miss Theodora Patmore.  Since then, she's changed her ways, and now this girl is a fearless, loving, snuggling machine.  OH, and the purrs --- they do not stop!

Here she is happily accepting some love from Sue

"More pats, please."


She's a mackerel tabby with thin stripes wrapping her body.


Like her sister Bee, she has some golden brown undertones -- especially on her face.  The three very dark freckles on each cheek are her distinguishing marks.  Also, her nose is darker and more solid than Bee's.

That's Bee on the left and Theodora on the right.


She prefers being addressed by her full name, but she's OK with you calling her Thea, too.


Welcome to our world, dear Theodora. You are adorable.  Theadorable.


  1. You took the words right out of my mouth ~ Theadorable!
    Thanks for sharing her with us.

  2. Oh my word. How can it be possible that each one is cuter than the last? HOW??

  3. Hi, Theodora! You are very pretty. My LG is also a gray mackerel tabby, and he's shy with strangers but the biggest cuddle bunny with his dad and me. He is currently sleeping on his desk-bed in my office and I just gave him a nice, big head-kiss in your honor.

  4. Welcome, Theodora the Adorable! After my Maine Coons, I love ticked kittens like you.
    Can't wait to see what mischief you and your sisters get into. Like me and my 3 sisters - oh the stories I could tell!

  5. Oh wow is she a heartbreaker... So adorable—that first photo, ack! I have quite the weak spot for tabbies too. That 2nd to last pis where she and her sister don't have a neck is too cute.
    It's funny how not even one of them has any white boots or socks. I wonder if their dad was a red tabby and the momma gray tabby (both sans tocks).

  6. All these lovelies call to mind the sweet little puppet Daniel J. Tiger from the old original Mr. Rogers. They are so lovely! Hello Theodora!

  7. When the basket is old and worn out, I hope it is retired to a cat museum. Fifty litters of kittens ... wow, it's kind of a holy artifact of fostering.

  8. "Theodora is Dozing"

  9. "Theodora is Dozing"

  10. My (now almost 2) kitty is also a Theodora.. Most of the time she's Ted (or Teddy Grahams to my mom).. but she goes into Dora the Explorer mode on a regular basis. Gotta love them anyhow.



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