Monday, March 28, 2016

Wylla's Cataloons

The other day, when I posted a video of Wylla on a walk, someone requested to see a little more of Wylla's adorable kitten pants, AKA, pantaloons, AKA Cataloons.

I tried this weekend to capture the pants, but it's not easy shot to get. It requires getting down on the floor with the camera just as the subject is exiting the room, or catching them while they're standing, and cats rarely just stand there, they prefer sitting.

After a weekend of failures, I decided to comb the photo archive and found only one shot of Wylla's

Here it is.


I'll keep trying to get more, and hopefully will a little cooperation on her "end" we will get one.

: )


  1. I love how it looks like she's wearing boots with her cataloons tucked in. She's a stylish gal.

  2. Cataloons and a bottle brush tail. How on earth did I miss this on your flickr when you posted it?

  3. Perhaps A dangling catnip banana could help in the hunt for the elusive Floofy Pants?

  4. Wylla will surely play hard to get, now you have a specific detail you want to capture. She is delightfully feline.

  5. Buddy, Tiger, and Mr. M's MomMarch 28, 2016 at 1:30 PM

    She does have great cataloons (LOVE THAT). But I noticed in the video what beautiful markings she has along her back. I'm rather fond of torties. But she's prettier than most.

  6. This is a fantastic picture. Thank you to the two wonderful models!

  7. Now this is a uni-brow.

  8. I have to trim my cat's cataloons (and toe-fur!) as he does not have Bean to keep him clean. A long haired cat in leggings looks ridiculous. I mean ridiculously cute!

  9. Yay, that was me!!! Haha. Cataloons are amazing and to have such a fine cataloons owner in da house? Amazing. Now, get going with that camera, chop chop! :D I'm having fun visualizing you sneaking around on the floor after Wylla, and she being all WHA?



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