Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Beanie

baby charlene and the bunny

When Charlene was a wee Bean, Kim and Sarah, her foster moms, had many critters in their care.  This bunny was one of Bean's housemates.

Every now and again I like to pull this one out of the archives just for Easter.  I'm not suggesting this is the actual Easter Bunny, but who really knows for sure!

This photo makes me laugh every time. Though she is just a tiny thing here, I can easily imagine a full-sized Butterbean hanging out in a cage with her rabbit friend. I think those early days where she met so many critters (like other kittens, big cats,dogs, chinchillas, and bunnies) helped shape her and made her the tolerant Bean she is today.

Have a great weekend, everyone. And if you celebrate Easter, I hope it's a lovely one.

No big plans for us, but I may fill some plastic eggs with catnip and see what happens!

Some chocolate would be nice, but I would be even happier to receive an Easter basket filled with kittens!


  1. an easter basket filled with kittens sounds AWESOME! have a great weekend!

  2. The Cadbury Easter Beanie! *G* I'd be thrilled with a basket filled with kittens as well.

  3. Yes!! Easter Bunny, work your magic! Bring kittens!

    I once new a fine tuxie mister named Lucifer (the name was a joke, he was the sweetest, most laid-back cat EVER) who was raised by chickens. When his adoptive mama went to pick him up and take him home, they couldn't find him...until a hen got out of her nest and there he was, all curled up and happy!

  4. A legendary pink basket full of kittens would be fabulous!!!

  5. I'm still remembering the cuteness of the Easterbrooks! Three black jellybeans!



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