Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What Do You Get For the Cat Who Has Everything?


What do you get for the cat who has everything?


More of everything.

Charlene's at the stage in life where she knows what she likes.  She's a good communicator, so we know what she likes, too.

So what did we give Charlene for her birthday? More of the things she likes the most.

She was upstairs napping when I pulled out the gifts I had stashed away in the closet.  I went upstairs to tell her it was time for presents, and we when came into the living room, we discovered Wylla had found them first.

And she knew they weren't meant for her because just look at that look on her face!


 Nice try, Wylla, but you just had your birthday! Get away from Bean's gifts!


Bean was pretty happy and plunked herself right down on top over everything: her fuzzy bed, her catnip banana, her replacement bird for her DaBird toy, and her little mouse.


She seemed pretty happy with the load she received.

So did Wylla, who's now waiting for Bean to move on so she can have a roll with the fresh catnip banana.

Still more to come today, so do stay tuned! We've got cake!! And other fun stuff!!!


  1. That is a very nice haul there.

  2. No sparkle balls? Or does she have too many already?

  3. I read the blog headline, and my immediate mental answer was "More of everything". I scroll down a bit, and burst out laughing when I saw you'd typed the exact same thing. Great minds think alike! The expression on Wylla's face and the position of her paws when she was caught is priceless. "Ohfudge! What to do? Look innocent? Deny everything?"

  4. freckledme, Elphaba, and Winnie-the-KittenMarch 15, 2016 at 8:55 PM

    I hope the birthday girl doesn't make Yeowwwwww!!! tea with her banana like a certain kitten in our home does with hers. (Why does everything wind up in the water dish? Why?!?!)

    Happy Birthday Charlene!

  5. I think the perfect present for Bean would be a nice fluffy boy kitten for her to bean bathe



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