Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Birthday "Cake" for the Birthday Girl


We always celebrate the cats' birthdays with a little kitty "cake". This year, the cake was made from their favorite wet food, which is a seafood medley. It was dusted with dried salmon shavings and a few morsels of kitten kibble were sprinkled on top. It was all of Charlene's very favorite things served on one plate!

She waited patiently, sort of, while I lit the candle and took a few snapshots before serving it to her.  Don't worry, I blew the candle out before handing it over to her.


Wylla seemed to know this was Bean's day and waited patiently, sort of, while Bean took the first bites.




Bean ate until she had her fill, then left the table with a dot of "frosting" on her nose.


I think she enjoyed it!

We're still not done celebrating, so stay tuned for MORE! What a fun day this has been! Thanks to all who helped make it so special!

We will see you in a bit!

And in case you missed it earlier, we've got sale happing in the IBKC shop in honor of her 10th birthday! Details HERE!


  1. That's okay, Charlene. I sometimes end up with a dot of frosting on my nose as well.

  2. Debra, Buddy, Tiger and Mr. MistofeleesMarch 15, 2016 at 4:01 PM

    As I was putting my dinner in the oven, I wondered what beautiful kitty confection Laurie made for Miss Buttterbean's birthday cake. It's just beautiful. I bet Buddy, Tiger and Mr. Mistofelees would just LOVE it.

    Happy Birthday, Bean! We love you!
    Debra, Buddy, Tiger and Mr. M

  3. Bless her! I will always have a soft spot for Charlene--feel like I've 'known' her for years. :) Happy birthday, Bean! I'm really enjoying these snippets from her day.

  4. Precious and I are sending you love and huggles for your birthday, Charlene, from all the way across the country. Glad you are having such a fabulous day!

  5. Happy Birthday, Bean! Your cake looked delicious, and you looked happy eating it!

  6. Oh my goodness, watching Wylla go after that stray piece of kibble on the table was too funny!

  7. (Om nom nom).
    That little dining set kills me.

  8. Charlene, you are a star even on the day after your birthday! You (and Laurie) must need a long rest after such a wondrous birthday celebration

  9. I can't believe Willa wasn't all over that plate with Bean! My to cats would've been fighting over it!

  10. This reminds me to ask - do you have a food brand preference? I'd especially love dry food recs - I feed mine Weruva wet food which she mostly loves, but I haven't been able to find a dry kibble that she likes.

    1. For dry, we feed them Royal Canin light and for wet we feed them Halo.



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