Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What a Day! Thanks to YOU!

I think we're all pretty tired around here after such a full day of celebrating! Nap times were cut short because of presents, cake, and photo sessions, so come evening, Bean was exhausted.


Thank you to EVERYONE for the birthday wishes! We received over a thousand  "Happy Birthdays" from all of you in the blog comments, on our Facebook pages, in our Twitter and Instagram feeds,  and in emails, too.  We loved reading your sweet words and seeing lots of photos of your cats, too!

You all made the day a very special one for us, and we sure do appreciate the birthday love you sent Bean's way.  Thank you so much for loving our girl. Thank you for contributing to the celebration! You all are the best and we love you!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!





  1. We love all of you, too! Thanks for letting us in on all the festivities, on special days like these and on all the other "regular" days, too. ❤

  2. Dear Charlene,
    Thank you for sharing your birthdays, kittens, Wylla, Drewey and Mom with us.
    Glad to know you are training Wylla to be 2nd Lt.Kitten School Mistress. You are a lovely girl who deserved everything you got yesterday. Good nappping!

  3. Pierre & Pearl send belated but heartfelt meows and kisses to Charlene on her Big Ten. Lots of love from Chicago, a day late.

  4. A Belated Happy Birthday Bean, thank you for all the posts and time you share with us here on blog land.

  5. Happy Birthday Bean!
    You are one of the most lovely cats and so great with kittens.



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